Title: Don't Take My Hippie Crown
Author: Heather P.

My want-to-be Hippie Crown,
a mind and body of metal gold
and cotton balls puffed up with random beauty.

Tired and weak,
innocent of all of life's gifts.

I can not look to see but I know it's there anyways.

Inch by flying-falling inch to fall
down colossal stairs
only to try again and dive in.

Tug on my collar, World
and make me aware
of all I should be but don't
let me see . . .

. . . how you plan to do it.

It's just too cruel of you to take
away my crown and my
body's kingdom.

So leave here and I will ignore you in an all due polite manner.

Cause my Momma raised a good little girl,

but she also raised a trigger happy fiend,
watch out for your back and

I'll do the same with mine.

No one is gonna take my Hippie crown.

No way,
No how.