~~ Title ~~ Illusion

== Author == Masked Mistake

~~~~// Inspired by my Illusion poem. Check it out. \\~~~~

Light was shattered as a young man passed a window and threw a door open. Dozens of heads lifted as the young man entered the study room and he gazed around the room. His gaze locked onto a young lady reaching up to a book, her emerald eyes fixed on this one book that she couldn't reach and the young man tapped his foot. "Elexia!" He exclaimed, causing the young lady to jump in surprise.

She turned slowly and looked at the young man.

"Saden, what?" She asked.

Saden sighed and walked over to her. "You forgot our training?"

"Oh! That was today?!"

The whole room shooshed the two and Saden groped Elexia by the arm. "We'll talk out here," he muttered and turned to the other people," Sorry for bothering all of you, I'll make sure to leave and let you all get back to work!"

He pulled Elexia out of the room and closed the door before he turned to glare at her. Elexia fiddled with her tunic string and glanced up at Saden. "Am I in trouble?" She asked in a quiet voice.

"Bloody hell yes!" He shouted, making her flinch at his strict tone of voice.

"Sorry," she said.

"Sorry is not going to cut it! How many years have we been doing this?"

"Ten almost."

"This is the first time in those ten years that you didn't go. There has to be a really good reason you weren't there," he said and Elexia could tell he was holding back his anger by the glint in his navy blue eyes.

Elexia frowned and she ran her right hand through her shoulder length aubrun hair. "I'm sorry."

Saden sighed loudly and turned to the cement wall. He brought back his fist and Elexia grabbed his forearm before he could punch the wall. Saden turned to her and shook his head. "You know this training is important, Elexia," he whispered, his anger finally subsided.

"That doesn't mean you have to injure yourself by punching the wall!" She exclaimed.

"Why did you miss the training? Was it because of Bartolomere?"

Elexia released her hold on his arm and frowned. "No, how could you even suspect it was because of that curr?" She asked.

Saden leaned against the wall and nodded. "Sorry, forgot that you -hate- him," he said sarcastically.

He tapped his foot and Elexia smiled. "I can't tell you, Saden. I'm sorry. Even though we grew up together and practically were brother and sister, I can't tell you this," she said.

"You mean the trust between us as dwindled because of our coming of age? Both of us are eighteen now, Elexia, I think I can handle anything you tell me. Or do you not trust me anymore?" He asked with an accusing tone.

"Saden....you know I'd tell you, but not this. I trust you with everything else but this!"

Saden nodded and pushed off of the wall. "I'm going to train, join me if you'd like to," he muttered and walked away.

Elexia folded her arms and watched him vanish down the hallway. "I've been avoiding you, my dear Saden, because I've fallen in love with you," she whispered and tears dropped from her cheeks.


Saden twirled in the air and dropped down on the fake dummy. His sword split through the head and he pushed off. He landed on his feet and held the sword out in front of himself, sweat glistened off of his well toned body and trickled down to his black trousers. Saden's navy blue eyes flashed as he quickly turned and placed the blade to a man's throat. "Bartolomere!" He said in surprise.

The man, Bartolomere, nodded and pushed the blade away from his neck. "Nice to see you also, lad," he muttered.

"Sorry, I was caught up in my training and you came. Anyway, what is it you want?"

"Have you seen Elexia anywhere?"

Saden pondered for a moment and shrugged as he turned around to his dummy. "Nope," he said.

Bartolomere placed his meaty hand on Saden's sweaty shoulder. "Are you lying?" Bartolomere asked.

"Would I lie to you?"

The hand vanished from his arm and Bartolomere exited the training room. Saden closed his eyes and held his blade to the left side of his body. He breathed in deeply and his eyes opened slowly to take in his opponent's position. "Severe injury to the head," Saden mumbled to himself.

The blade in his hand was reajusted and Saden let a war cry escape his lips. He jumped into the air and with two swift swipes, the dummy was torn to shreds. Saden landed behind the dummy and stared at Elexia. "Sorry, the dummy's gone. You missed practice," he said in an emotionless voice.

"Let's train," Elexia said and unsheathed her own blade.

Saden rested his blade on the nook where his neck meets his shoulder and looked at her with an amused expression. "Are you serious?" He asked.

Elexia crouched low and raised the blade above her head. "Yes," she replied.

"Fine with me, but if you recieve a wound or two...it's your own fault!"

Saden raised up his blade and swiped it down. The blade's tip lodged into the wood beneath his feet and Elexia smiled. "A new style of sword mastery?" She asked.

"No, just waiting for the opponent to attack," Saden replied.

Elexia shrugged and rushed forward. Saden dodged the first attack and swung around his blade's hilt. The blade came free and Saden whirled around from behind Elexia. Elexia dropped down and Saden's blade went by harmlessly over her. Elexia frowned and rolled onto her back. Saden jumped over her and brought his sword down with all his strength. The blade's clashed and fragments of metal whizzed by Elexia's head, a few nicked her cheeks. Blood appeared and trickled down her cheeks to meet the floor beneath her head. Their blades had shattered from the impact and Saden's chest was bloody with cuts. The two were silent and the only thing that could be heard was their labored breaths.

Saden stepped back and tossed his broken blade to the other side of the room, as did Elexia. She stood up and quickly uppercutted Saden, who dodged it. Saden wrapped his arm around her middle and kicked his leg into the back of Elexia's ankles, which caused her to fall to the jagged metal ground. She winced as a few slit her back and she whirled around. Saden jumped over her foot and didn't dodge the second, which caused him to fall also. Elexia closed her eyes tightly as Saden fell towards her and Saden frowned. He turned and his hands caught his fall. He hovered over Elexia and she opened her eyes. "I thought you were going to smash me," she breathed.

"Now you're calling me fat?" Saden asked with raised eyebrows.

Elexia laughed and pushed on Saden's chest. He didn't budge and Elexia stared at him. "What?"

Saden looked at his hands and turned to the right. "Our blades are destroyed, we'll need to get new ones. Are you alright?" He asked.

"Oh, I'm fine. Nothing that can't heal," Elexia replied.

Saden jumped up and held his hand out to Elexia. Elexia reached up and grabbed his hand. "Thanks," she said.

He pulled her onto her feet and nodded. "I'm going to nurse my wounds, how are yours?"


Elexia's arm rested at her side and she winced. Saden frowned. "Come on," he ordered and turned around.

Elexia followed Saden into the backroom and he closed the door. Saden turned a nozzle and water began to fill a small tub. "Turn away from me and pull off your tunic," he said.

Elexia blushed. "W-what?" She stammered.

"Just do as I say."

Elexia untied her tunic and turned away from Saden. She blushed even more as Saden touched her back and a small pain came to her back as he pulled a few blade parts from it. "Their not in deep so you won't need stitches," Saden said and washed her back with a small rag.

Elexia covered her breasts and turned around to Saden. "I'm sorry for missing training this morning, Saden," she said.

Saden nodded and turned to the bowl. "You can put your tunic on now," he said.

Elexia closed her eyes and breathed deeply. "Saden, I want to let you know why I was..why I wasn't there this morning."

Saden turned around and folded his arms over his chest. "I thought you didn't trust me with it," he said and frowned.

"I didn't know how you'd take it right then," Elexia replied.

"How bad can it be?"

Elexia coughed and looked at the floor. "Promise you won't..like...be outraged at this?" She asked.

"Okay, fine."

"I l-"

The door burst open and Bartolomere walked in. "Saden I-" He looked at the two and stared at Elexia before he turned to Saden," You lying asshole! You took Elexia for yourself and now you're making her take of her clothes!" He exclaimed, apparently furious.

"Bartolomere! You missunderstand!" Saden yelled.

The large man unsheathed his sword and Elexia frowned. "Who the hell do you think you are, barging in here at a time like this! You don't even know what happened and you're threating Saden! He cleaned my wounds because we had an accident!" She cried.

"He's decieved you, my sweet!" Bartolomere gloated.

"No! He hasn't."

Saden looked around for something to be used as a weapon and Bartolomere stepped forward. "Let us duel! I will kill you for taking advantage of my love!"

Elexia closed her eyes tightly and tears streamed down her cheeks. "I told you before Bartolomere, I don't love you! I love Saden!"

The room quieted and Elexia looked at Saden. "I finally got it out, but this was not the scenerio I wanted," she whispered through her tears.

Saden stared at her and frowned. "I'm sorry, Elexia. I just don't feel the same about you," he said.


to be continued....

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