Intelligent Life Does Not Exist in This Universe

Half of the human race believes that there is another type of life out there. You know, aliens, that have the power to destroy our complete race, and have done so on countless occasions (visit you local library or movie store and look under "Science Fiction". I guarantee that the world will explode at least once, if not twice or three times, due to time bubbles, in each of the movies/books you may find). The second half do not believe in other forms of so called intelligent life, and are strongly for the fact that we are the only ones out here. That this huge expanse of space that stretches farther than the most powerful telescope could see was made souly for us (Now THAT'S selfish). There is another half, although there really are only two halves in a whole. But, since the human race can only exist if nothing whatsoever makes sense, there is a third half. This extra half is the half that doesn't really care, and when asked in this odd survey, they gave the following response. "What are you on?" or "Why do I care?" This was usually followed by the surveyor being given the finger, having the door slammed in his or her face, or both.

For the sake of this piece, the first and second half are obsolete. They do not matter. The second half is what we are concentrating on. The selfish half, who thinks that nothing is out there but empty planets. If you realized how little of a population of intelligent life earth has compared to the space in our solar system, it is miniscule. Compare that to our galaxy, and it is so unbelievably small that nothing seems to matter than the sheer bigness that engulfs our miniscule planet. Now, our galaxy, as galaxies go, is fairly small. Compare the sheer bigness of what we have found already to the millions of billions of sheer bignesses out there. If you were to say that we are the only 'intelligent' life forms out there, and were to calculate that number, it would be as follows; 0.000000000000000 etcetera, etcetera. The zeros would carry on for pages and pages, with a very small, almost non-existent 'one' at the end of miles of zeros. I did not write out the calculations in its a full extent, because I have neither the time, nor the patience to press the '0' key that many times. Also, I think that you would lose interest just glancing at that many pages of zeros.

Anyways, any mathematician, scientist, or even any student that knows about decimals would round that up to just plain zero. Therefore, there is no intelligent life in this universe. Unless someone with the time, patience, and very stupid audience calculated it out to its fullest extent. That is quite probable, since many brilliant mathematicians spend years trying to calculate pie out to its fullest extent. Which, in my mind, makes them less of brilliant mathematicians, and more of stupid idiots with way to much time on their hands.

If we focus on the first half, the believers in aliens, than it is only human life that does not exist. The existence level of humans is even smaller than the existence level of intelligent life, as we have dolphins and apes and so on to help us out there. The 'zero's would fill up many more pages, but since that calculation is rather dizzying, lets carry on to another, which happens to be equally dizzying. Now, if the population of the earth, rounded, is about six billion, as statistics say. Our solar system has nine planets. Divide six billion by nine and you get a much smaller number. If there were, say, a billion solar systems of our size in our galaxy, then dividing our previously found number by all of those planets in all of our solar systems would reduce the number even farther. Take that number, and divide it by all of the other solar systems, than our number becomes non-existent. Obsolete. Therefore, human life also does not exist.

Now, you will probably say, or at least think, "If human life does not exist, then how can you write this?" My answer to that? I don't really have one. However, there is a hypothesis that was formed many hundreds of years ago by a philosopher that no one knows anything about. This hypothesis goes as follows; 'If an answer to why human race and earth exists is found, then it will be replaced by something even more unheard of and complicatedly senseless.' There is a much newer hypothesis stating that this has already happened several times.

Now that we are aware that there is no intelligent life in this universe to the second half, let us concentrate on the first. In this half, there is intelligent life. Very intelligent life. The belief of this is usually called 'paranoia'. That however is not the point. The point is, that in every sci-fi flick you see, or book you read, these intelligent life forms are out to kill us. Perhaps, if there is another form of life, they would not want to kill us. Perhaps they have less technology than we do. They could be primitive. Maybe, they are not trying to blow us up. Maybe they do not know that we exist. Perhaps they do know, but find us so insignificant that there is no use in blowing us up. Or, they could just be smarter than humans, and not spend ages and millions of billions of dollars wasting their time trying to look for something that may not even exist. Yes, I am talking about space exploration. We sent probes to Jupiter, Mars, Pluto, and all of the other planets in our galaxy, trying to see what the conditions were like. We spent several millions, just to prove that nothing could live there. Then, we sent out more probes, and spent more money trying to find life on these planets that are not able to support life. More probes were sent trying to prove that intelligent life exist far away. Why do we care? If there is, they'll just blow us up first, according to the fist half. If they are not there, they will simply not be there according to the second half.

That brings us to the third half. There is not much to say about them, because they don't have much to say about this. And since there is really not a third half, they do not deserve a full paragraph, because they do not truly exist.