Review Replies!

-- For Loganberry; I can honestly say that I have never heard of the 'Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy'. If anyone could please e-mail me with information on what it is (book, T.V. show, movie, etc. Then I would be much obliged.

--For Chick 88; yes, the title is on purpose, as a joke. I didn't think that anyone would catch that. :D When I said that "the first and second half are obsolete' then yes, I did mean the first and third half. That was a typo. Also, I chose to call them thirds, because the nonsense in the essay would have made more sense, if that makes sense :D I do know that rounding a number then turns it into an estimate, but all the same, I do like to try and prove things that can never been proven. It is one of my many odd hobbies! I was kidding, throughout the essay, but I do appreciate the fact that someone would bother to put that much thought into any of the things that I write!

--For C Shot; I am very sorry that you do not deserve a paragraph, and if I re-write this essay, then you will surely have one!

--For Tiefling; I suppose I have not read much good science fiction, but then again, I have not spent much time in the sci fi section of the library. Also, yes I do know that I was over-exaggerating, but if I was to include all of the thought patterns on this subject of everyone in the world, then I would have to have dozens of more paragraphs, and I do not think that This essay needs to be much larger to get my point across, do you?

--For Ambush Commander; I like your little "tree of light" example, and your theory is exactly correct, but I like my theory, thank you, and shall stick to it. And, yes, I do know that we exist, I'm merely saying that intelligent life does not. (No offense to those of you out there that believe yourselves to be intelligent)