Name: Chloë
Age: 11
Hair: Brown. Shoulder length
Eye Color: Brown
Location: Digitropolis
Occupation: Schoolgirl at Digitropolis Middle School. 7th grade.
Other: Chloë is the brightest student in Digitropolis Middle. She is on the science and math teams. She loves school and hates sports.
She is also a bit of a loner, and doesn't have many friends.

Name: Collin
Age: 12
Hair: White-Blond. Cut short
Eye Color: Blue
Location: Digitropolis
Occupation: Schoolboy at Digitropolis Middle School. 6th Grade.
Other: Collin is practically the opposite of Chloë. He is very active on D Middle's basketball and soccer teams. Collin is one of the most popular boys at D Middle.
He is quite cheery and likes a big crowd.

Name: Clarissa Van Der Werff
Age: 13
Hair: Brown, with gold highlights. Wavy.
Eye Color: Hazel
Location: Digitropolis
Occupation: Schoolgirl at Digitropolis Junior High. 8th grade.
Other: Clarissa comes from a wealthy family, and is the glamour girl at D Junior. Even though Clarissa is usually very nice, she still has a preppy attitude.

Name: Calvin
Age: 15
Hair: Black. Spiky.
Eye Color: Green
Location: Digitropolis
Occupation: Schoolboy at Digitropolis Junior High. 9th grade
Other: Calvin always dresses in black. He is not social, and other students are afraid of him. He used to run with a gang, until the leader got sent to a prison.
Amongst the girls at D Junior, Calvin is considered a hot one.

Name: Cale
Age: In her twenties
Hair: Black. Long, and layered.
Eye Color: Black
Location: Digitropolis
Occupation: Goverment agent, mission is to track down and destroy the other clones
Other: A mysterious figure in a flared black trenchcoat, Cale has been detected spying on the four kids. Not much is known about her, and those who have actually seen her say she can disappear into thin air.

Name: Professor (Real name unknown)
Age: Deceased
Hair: Gray.
Eye Color: Grayish blue
Location: N/A
Occupation: Scientist, once worked for C Laboratories.
Other: He helped to create the CL Generation, of a thousand clones. Of the CL Generation, only a few have survived, and no one knows the whereabouts of those clones.
That's it for now. The story will be up later.

Bye, Princess F.