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Odysseus sat on the metal frame bed with perfect posture. His eyes surveyed everything about the small white cage. He smiled. He though of all the fun he could have before he walked out or his companions called. In one corner there was a metal desk and chair with a lamp on top. No windows were present and an adjacent room held a small bathroom. He got up and walked to the corner the held the security camera.

"I do hope you did not mind the interference with your technical equipment before." Odysseus spoke to the camera. "You see Natasha or should I call her Lilith? She wished to talk to me and well her. friend didn't want you to listen into our private conversation." He stopped. They would come in soon and demand information. They were all so predictable.


He sat in the interview room once more, in the same metal chair. The off- white walls a pleasant change after the harsh pure white of the room he had been in for a week.

"Tell us." A male agent shouted and the young boy. Odysseus sat eyes closed looking peaceful. "Answer me." The agent grabbed the child by the collar of his neatly pressed shirt.

"Now, now do not resort to violence unless you mean war." Odysseus said calmly, he slowly opened his eyes and a sly smile formed on his thin lips. "War is so nice. Do you not think? No I doubt that any life form of such filth and stupidity would have the capability to think."

"Shut up brat." The man clenched his large left hand into a fist and went to strike the boy, his blow never made contact.

"I thought you wanted me to talk." Odysseus laughed. His tiny arm had blocked the power-filled left hook. "You are shocked. Yes it seems that once the blood is paid then we are able to access our powers. The masters do not even know this, Natasha told me. She is the inspiration of all evil deeds a truly marvellous Dark Soul. The masters still think that Natasha faded into darkness to trick her mother, but I will let you in on a secret." He lent forward to whisper into the stunned man's ear. "She simply transformed into a mouse. You did know that she was a shape shifter didn't you?"

Odysseus took the mans right hand in his twisted it so he let go of his shirt and sent him flying backwards into the wall. "It would seem that I know who I am. And I confess my craft foes these acts do tire me greatly." Odysseus returned to his seat and looked into the camera. "I would like to introduce myself now. I am Abigor Grand Duke of Hell, keeper of the secrets of war and combat, seer of the past, present and future."


"Now what do we do with him?" A gruff male voice asked his associates.

"To kill him would allow him to ascend." A female voice stated.

"So we know that he is no longer bound to physical form. This means we must detect the others before they kill." Another male voice commented.

"We must consult the texts." The female spoke again.

"The texts? We should not rely on such outdated material." A soft-spoken female said.

"This is an outdated phenomena, foretold over a thousand years ago." The first female retaliated.

"I can't hurt to try the texts." A strong voiced male said trying to maintain the peace.

"Do not fight." A youthful male voice laughed it belonged to Odysseus. "I can see you, you know, in my minds eye. Now to your first question, do not worry I have no intension to leave just yet. But I grow weary I wish to return to my room now."

A silence filled the council's room. Their secrecy had been shattered, now they would have to work to keep him out. But how do you contain a being without physical limits, especially if the being is able to see the present, past and future. Their only hope was that his powers would take time to learn to control and develop. a very long time.


"Yes council it will take a long time for my powers to grow and become controllable but," Odysseus whispered nearly asleep on his bed, tired out from his experiments with his powers. "I have kept something from you. Lilith is back and is willing to help me, and find the others before you can find them." He was still talking to himself in a voice too quiet to be heard by the recording equipment. "She has trained hard for fifty years of our mortal time, and she has became the personification of the perfect Dark Soul. I am here because the mother of evil so wills it and when she calls to me I will no longer be confined here."