The Phoenix Shadow 2

Daughters Of Fire


Part 00

The year is 2025, commercial space travel was becoming cheaper, the moon base had been in operation for almost 7 years now and the hotels had started appearing in the past 2 years.  The in thing was a holiday on the moon, but it was still limited to the well off and physically fit, the waiting list had already gotten 3 years long.

An attractive red head, only 18 years old, stepped off the shuttle once it had docked with the Moon Dust Paradise Hotel.  She collected a small suitcase and headed for the reception desk.  Her slim body and pert size B breasts turned a lot of heads, dressed as she was in tight figure hugging black latex, her black cape flapping in her wake.  She reached reception and flashed the clerk her white teeth as she smiled with rich red lips, her bright emerald green eyes sparkled with a light of their own.

"I'd like to sign in and pick up my keys, it was a long flight and I'd like to get re-freshed," she said with her young voice, though her accent was unrecognisable.

"Your name?" The man asked.

"Jade, Anne Jade."

The man worked on the computer, and finally brought up the required details.

"Could you sign here please?" He asked, turning the flat panel screen to her.

She signed the touch screen with her finger; the security these days was high due to the number of attacks already attempted on the world leader.  A signature made using a fingerprint was found quickest and almost impossible to fake.

The man turned the screen back and produced a key card,

"Your in room 0036, the room is now programmed with your finger print, but we have been having a few problems lately, so this is just in case."

"Thank you," Anne said taking the key.

Anne found the room small, but then it was only a single.  However she wasn't here on vacation.  She took a small facemask from her bag, disabled the alarms, and used the small plasma cutter to make a small hole in the Transparent-Steel window.  The air pressure was let lose, and the room was soon a vacuum

She checked her watch, time was short.

Quickly she made the hole big enough to climb through, the last item she had brought was the case itself, this she converted into a small jetpack and she was soon heading for the moon base.

A security guard fell to the floor limp; he hadn't expected the scientist to attack him.  The black haired scientist moved quickly, her younger sister would soon be here, and she still had to override the alarms to the perimeter border.  She pulled open the control panel, and started to hot-wire the systems, once satisfied, she headed for the launce bay.

She soon stood before the prototype fighter craft.  It was a two man ship which she had helped design and build, but not for earth defences, she had her own uses for it.

"Miss, what are you doing here? The place is off limits at this time."

The scientist turned, she had missed a guard, then she smiled as he fell to the floor limp, and her sister came out of the shadows.

"What took you so long?"

Anne pouted,

"I thought I was just on time, very sloppy of you to miss that guard Kristy."

"Oh I had to leave something for you." Kristy said.

The two sisters hugged and then headed for the fighter.

"This will work?" Anne asked as she looked up at the proto type.

"Of cause it will, and it's the only chance we have of saving Dad.  Are you sure of the location?"

"The satellites found the tomb, I cross checked the co-ordinates, but didn't want to leave any clue as to our planes so memorised them."

"Well, I guess this is it."

Kristy stripped out of her white coat and overalls, to reveal the green latex of her space suite.  The latex had been specially designed to protect the wearer in the vacuum of space.  She passed her sister a black helmet that was much like a bikers, and then put her own Jade green coloured one on.

"I thought the cockpit was pressurised?" Anne asked donning the helmet.

"It is, but these have intercoms in them, and will act as a backup should anything go wrong with the cockpit seals."

"You just fill me with confidence."

"Better to be safe than sorry."

They climbed into the cockpit and strapped in, connecting up the emergency air hose to their suits.  Kristy started the pre-flight check, while Anne accessed the computers in the building via the remote.

"Okay, everything checks out, how are the doors coming?"

"Almost there, fire up the engines and head on out." Anne said as she typed.

"And what if you fail to open the bay doors?"

"This ship is armed I take it?"

"To the brim, you do know the entire police force and army will be after us as soon as we break orbit."

"Let's just hope we can avoid fighting our way out.  Okay done, now go."

Kristy fired up the engines and the sleek craft shot into the air.

They sped towards the bay doors, and as they got closer they began to close.

"Not good," Kristy said.

"They wont stop us that easy," Anne said and began to type on the keyboard in front of her.

The doors stopped closing.

"This is going to be tight, I hope I don't scratch my baby."

Anne blinked,

"You sound more like Natalya every time I see you."

Kristy smiled as she remembered her nanny, the Russian scientist who had taught her so much when she was younger.

The ship made it through the gap in the large steel doors with only inches to spare either side.  Kristy screamed in delight, and headed out in to space.

"Okay, I'm entering the co-ordinates, you are positive this will work?"

"All the simulations ran fine,"

"Simulations? I thought you said this drive of yours works?"

"It dose, but this will be the first real full test." Kristy said, "And hurry with those co-ordinates, radar is picking up some military fighters.  They aren't a match for us, but they will waist time and can still do damage."

Anne worked the computer controls as fast as her hands could move; when it came to computers she had no equal.

"Done, now lets get out of here."

Kristy nodded and set a few switches to her left, and then engaged her invention.

The fighter was gone in a blink of an eye, bending space around it and punching through to their destination.

Lucias Mandread turned from the monitor screen.

"Looks like they fooled you," Mystra said from her cage.

"I was hoping to have taken over from Max as their farther, It turns out they may have been too old to be led astray."

"They will find Max, and once he's free..."

"Come now, I defeated him once, and then I was on my own, this time I rule the earth and have over 1000 red robes in my new order.  More join every day."

"To be brainwashed by you no doubt." Mystra said.

Lucias chuckled,

"Now, now, we will have less of that." He pressed a switch and watched as Mystra screamed out in pain, her body drained of Magic once again by the machines she was hooked up to.

"I have to say, I really do love this new technology,"

Mystra collapsed to her knees, and looked up.

"I only hope I'm still around when Max breaks your neck." she said before blacking out.

"Then you will be trapped in that cage for a very long time, or at least while your body still creates magic for me to drain.  When that stops, I will have no use left for you."

He laughed and turned to Sara,

"Come dear, I have plans to make."

Sara moved like a robot, her soul broken and her mind blank, Lucias had woven his spell well.  As Lucias walked out of the room with his arm around Sara the image grew bleary, as if a fine black mist had started to fall, and then Max woke with a sudden start.

Max opened his eyes a cold sweat covered his body, he hadn't been dreaming, he was sure of that, what he had seen was the future 18 years in the distance.  He looked to Sara, his wife, they had been married for almost 3 years now.  Looking down her body he looked at her large bloated belly, she was close to giving birth, it was only a matter of days, maybe a week at a stretch.  He slowly got out of the bed, making sure he didn't wake Sara, and headed for the bathroom.

The Water was cold on his body, but the shower helped him concentrate on the dream.  Maybe waiting for Lucias to make his move was a mistake.  He considered his options, what the dream had showed him would come to pass; he had had dreams like this before.  The first he had ignored, and the events had played out just as he had dreamed.  After that he had started to take them more seriously, but through out his long life, only 7 other dreams of the future had occurred.  He had tried to change one dream completely but had only made the events even worse.  He did learn over time that small changes could be made and started to consider what he would do and prepare for the future to come.  Sara's scream brought him back to the present like a shot and he bolted back to the bedroom.

"What's up?" he said as he rushed through the door.

"I think it's time," Sara screamed again as another contraction took hold.

"Hospital or here?" Max asked as he moved to the phone, his hands shaking.

"I don't think we have time for the hospital."

Natalya entered the room, a four-year-old Kristy in her wake, she took a split second to assess the situation and started giving orders,

"Kristy go get me some towels, Max put that phone down and get me some boiling water."

Max hesitated.

"Go! Now! This baby wants out and will be out weather you help or not, but we can make it easier for her."

Sara screamed again,

"My water just broke," She said her skin already slick with sweat.

"Gee, this baby is not wasting time, she is going to be a handful as she grows up."

"You still insist it's a girl?"

"Of cause, Max stop standing like a pillar of stone and get moving!"

Max finally dropped the phone and ran to get some water, almost tripping over Kristy as she returned with some towels.

"Is mommy going to be okay?" She asked looking up at her nanny.

"Yes dear, she is going to be fine, you are about to get a baby sister."

"Cool," the little girl giggled, and watched in fascination.

Max sat downstairs, his patients nearing his limit, what had started out to be a quick birth had slowed considerably.  Every now and then he heard his wife scream out, and then silence.  He had sat through this only once before in his long life, the memory of the birth of his first child etched in his mind forever.  Now, almost 5000 years later, he was waiting for his second blood child to enter the world.  He chuckled to himself at the thought of being the oldest farther in the world, and then the smile left his face as Sara screamed out again, but this time the silence didn't return, it was instead the crying of a newborn baby.

He bolted up the stairs and was through the door before Natalya had finished washing the new born.

"How is she?" Max asked.

"Who, your wife or your baby daughter?" Natalya asked.


"Well we're both fine," Sara said exhausted, "I just hope she doesn't make a habit of waking me up in the morning.  Can I hold her?"

"Of cause," Natalya said and passed the new life to Sara after wrapping her up in a soft towel, "have you thought of a name yet?"

"Oh yes, I'm going to call her Anne."

Max was instantly reminded of the dream, or rather, vision of the future, but kept his thoughts to himself.

"She's so small," Kristy gasped as she climbed onto the bed to get a closer look.

"She is isn't she?  Oh Max I wish you had stayed." Sara said.

"I would have just gotten in the way, and besides, I was just too nervous."

"Then promise me you will stay for the next one."

Max blinked.