By:Andrew Troy KeIler

My darling Jessica--

I'm so very sorry about the awfully painful mess that I had gotten us into on the one Halloween night.

You see,if you do remember,we had gone to a costume party at the home of our old Cleveland State University classmate,Chuck Logan,who had invited all of the old gang to his party--including a certain former girlfriend named Victoria Masters.

And even though I was with you at the time,I still had fantasies of her and me going to someplace exotic and make mad,passionate love to each other until the end of time.

Just then,after you had excused yourself to go to the bathroom and freshen up,Victoria had suddenly walked over to me and told me that she was happy to see me,for I haven't changed a bit.

I really wanted to tell her that I'm now married to you,but somehow,the words had gotten stuck in my mouth.

Then suddenly,she took me by the hand and led me upstairs to the master bedroom,because she wanted to relive some special moments that we've had together.

I had no idea how it happend,but I swear that it was like I was under some sort of black magic spell,for after we had entered the master bedroom,we had ripped off our clothes and had wild and uncontrolable sex in that room.

That--I'm sorry to say--was when you had mistakenly walked in on us.

I hope that you would understand that it was all a misunderstanding and forgive me for that bout of stupidity,for I love you,Jessica--and I'll always love you with all of my heart.

--Your husband-for-life(hopefully),Dean Serling.