Do You…

Written by Michelle C.

Do you see

What I see?

Open your eyes.

See the horrors in the world.

There's pain



People are treated different…

Just because of their skin…

I hope you don't see what I see…

Do you hear

What I hear?

Uncover your ears.

Hear the cruelties of the world.

There's lying


Friends… ha, what a laugh

After onslaughts of insults,

Harsh words…

I hope you don't hear what I hear…

Do you sense

What I sense?

Uncloud your mind.

Do you see now

The hostility

The anger

The confusion and chaos

The mistrust

In the world?

I hope you don't sense what I sense.

Do you feel

What I feel?

The torrents of emotions..

The frustrations of life..

A never-ending struggle..

Of balancing between the fin lines

Of good and evil..

Of mental stability and insanity…

Of the darkness of life and the darkness of death..

I pray you don't feel.. what I feel…

Not many people

Are strong enough

To see and hear

To sense and feel

And still be alive.

Not many can even stay sane with this reality.

In this insane world of war, hate, pain, and sorrow..

What is normalcy?

What is sanity?

What is anything?…