River's Aflame

The raging fire,

wasn't my love for you,

but rather

my people killing again.

Set free,

with their minds full of video games

and virtual simulation

that proves that guilt is no more in our society.


as a child I had no idea,

just the two dead princes

sprawled out across my eyes.

How is it that these bodies,

sons of a father

are aloud to rote in such a fashion.

Even I must say that they should be looked after.

Are they not the souls that you claim get redemption.

Are they not God's creatures to be held and loved

like you love your own deity.

Are they not flesh and blood,

fathers to sons.


I must command

I am no one special, I have no mission

or order to say this to you

but listen just once

before you to become the victim of such a fate.