I really wish,
That I someday could go,
Way past forever,
Beyond the rainbow,
A land of great dreamers,
And also great dreams,
Of parcels, and parrots,
And pixies, and things,
Exciting, adventurous,
And also pristine,
Where they say what they know,
And they know what they mean,
A land of great sorrow,
Of joy and of pain,
Until the war's over,
And started again,
A land of whose history,
A lot has been written,
By a quite foolish owl,
And a wise mewling kitten,
A world of great fancy,
A child could play in,
Solemn this land,
A man can go pray in,
So take me my friend,
To this place I am smitten,
Whose history's writ,
By a small mewling kitten,
With these directions,
It's easy to go,
Way past forever,
Beyond the rainbow.