You Can Thank Granny Later

The little old woman settled down on the rusty old bench in the secluded corner of the park. She pulled out a bag of sunflower seeds and scattered a handful onto the sidewalk. She looked around and popped a few seeds into her mouth. Her eyes closed shut with pleasure as she listened to the sound of her brand new white dentures crunching down on the food.
It was a gorgeous day. Little gray pigeons flew down onto the sidewalk to peck at the tiny gray seeds. Their soft cooing and the clicking of the old woman's knitting sticks along with the gurgling of the water fountain in the lake formed a soothing band that filled the passing group with contentment.
The lady smiled at all those who walked by. She nodded her head slightly and murmured a 'hello' while her gnarled fingers knitted away with the kind of gracefulness that could only come with adroit hands and years of practice.
A small three-year-old boy walked along slowly. His parents were busy talking to another newly wed couple and had failed to notice their son trailing far behind them. The boy didn't care even when he saw his parents disappeared behind a large thicket of trees. He was engrossed in the butterfly in front of him. He walked by the old woman, greeting her with the wave of his tiny hands when his butterfly disappeared high into the sky. His foot missed the step in front of him and he tumbled to the ground.
"Oh no!" The old woman jumped to her feet and embraced the weeping boy in her arms. "Ohh. It's okay, dear. Oh, it hurts, doesn't it?" The boy nodded, sniffling quietly. "You poor baby! I'll put an end to your misery," the woman muttered as she stuffed her knitting into the boy's wide mouth and pierced the knitting sticks into the side of his pale neck.
She pulled the sticks out and jabbed them again and again, even as the sticks made a sickening crack as they made contact with bone. The boy's muffled screams were lost with his last breath of air. Blood squirted out of the open wound, staining the old lady's arms, sweater and spilling onto the sidewalk and forming a big red pool. The old woman pulled the knitting sticks out one last time and put them onto her rusty bench. She walked back to the boy and cradled his body in her arms.
"Oh dear." she said as she studied the boy's light blue eyes (that had snapped wide open in horror), perfect little nose and wide open mouth. She pushed a lock of his white-blonde hair back onto his forehead and looked deeper into the horrified blue eyes. "Poor child. Well, now you will never suffer again."
She picked up the boy and carried him over to the lake. Her bony arms ached under his miniscule weight. The old woman dropped the boy's body into the lake and watched it sink to the bottom. "You'll never be in pain again," she said, staring into the water's depths. A small smile tugged against her thin lips. "You can thank Granny later."
With those last words, Granny hobbled over to her rusty bench. She picked up her bag of sunflower seeds and her knitting things and seemed to notice her bloody clothes for the first time. Her bloody sweater removed and bunched in her hands to best conceal the remains of the life fluid, the woman got up and walked to the other side of the lake where another bench awaited her.

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