"The Black Dragon"

The black dragon sails through the night Like a silk rug rippling in the wind Swooping down majestically The moon casting his shadow onto the sea

Sweeping coolly over the surface Of the sharp rippling water The dragon comes to land On an empty jetty hovering over the sea

Saying clear of the lights The dragon swings above a city Watching people hurrying around Living the lives

Suddenly pointing, yelling, shocked voices The dragon attracts more attention than he desires Talking, rumours, spreading like a wave in the sea He swings off, plunging swiftly into the darkness

Days later, further away The dragon lays stowed away in a cave Charred animal bones scattered on the floor Enjoying the peace of his sanctuary

A quick movement of air disturbs the resting beast A faint mechanical noise comes floating through the air He moves closer to the source, trying to hear As the sounds draw closer to him

A fleet of vehicles moving together Through the clear, cloudless air and The hot desert floor, cars, helicopters and trucks, Moving ever closer to their target

The people gather ground Travelling to the beasts secret lair A rumble from a distant place is heard and seen is A dark looming shape erupting from the earth

The dragon bursts through his cavern roof To escape the humans in their pursuit Breathing fire from his nostrils to scare him away Blowing up sand from the deserts warm floor

Weapons are drawn at the speeding lizard Form handguns to launchers and all in between The government soldiers charging with greed To claim the bounty on his enormous head

But the hunters got their wish And the hurt, injured dragon Breathing his final breath Drops out of the air and into the ocean