On a small wooden bed lay a woman her jet-black hair clinging tightly to her sweat drenched face. A look of agony crossed her features as another shot of pain pulled through her body. Next to her crouched a creature about the same height but totally different in appearance. Her face was covered in light brown hair and her nose stuck out a little almost like a muzzle whilst two large ears protruded from her head. She was one of the few remaining wolf-women, a pure bread Trulani. She squeezed the womans hand tightly and stroked her hair away from her face. "It's ok Nanolé, not long now." She whispered huskily into the woman's ear, "The contractions are closer together it shouldn't be long now." "Why am I doing this? I forgot it would be this." Her sentence remained unfinished as a scream escaped from her again but this time another cry mingled with her own. She flopped back down as the pain lessened and listened curiously to the to the wailing coming from down by her feet.
Slowly she pulled herself up onto her elbows and craned her neck to see her newborn child. Her companion was standing with the now quiet baby in her arms a look of wonder on her usually emotionless face. Slowly she looked up from the child and their eyes met as she walked round to hand the mother her infant. She took the small bundle and held it close pulling the cloths away from its newly cleaned face so she could see it. A gasp escaped her lips as she looked in amazement at the tiny creature she cradled.
It's skin was soft and rosy pink like the petals of a flower. As it smiled the room seemed to light up and dimples creased its smooth cheeks whilst it gurgled happily. It's nose curved delicately upwards and its elegant ears rose to soft points. However, the most amazing thing was the child's eyes. They seemed to swirl like a vortex with all the colours of the rainbow and shine as if the very stars were captured in their piercing stare. She lay there, hypnotized by the sheer beauty she beheld for what seemed like an eternity. It was simply the most perfect thing she had ever seen. "Isn't he gorgeous" she whispered, her voice choked with emotion. Her attendant permitted herself a slight smile. "She is isn't she." Nanolé's head shot upwards "You mean he. It is a boy isn't it?" "No it is most definitely a girl. Hasn't she got the strangest eyes, I have never seen such a thing." As the woman continued talking Nanolé's mind whirled as she tried to make sense of what she had just heard. 'How can it be a girl?' she thought staring into those hypnotic eye, 'I made so many calculations this time, what could possibly have gone wrong?' Sudennly the little girl lifted up her tiny hand and touched her mothers cheek softly. Nanolé smiled. It didn't matter if it was a girl, the eyes proved that all was as it should be. The child would be perfect. However, it was still far too early.