All alone on a quiet night
No sound can be heard
Not a soul in sight

A gentle wind dances outside
The feeling of being alone
Has started to subside

Footsteps tip toe across the room
In fear of breaking the silence
Afraid of disrupting the gloom

Out the window all is dark
The swings stay empty
Yet they still swing in the park

Shadows moving across the ground
Unexplained movements
Are all that can be found

Straining to look through the rain
Caged in dry safety
Behind the windowpane

So tired of staying away
It's boring to be safe
Each and every day

Slip outside; time to go for a walk
Especially now on all hallows eve
Now that the wall screams 12 o'clock

The silent void is broken
The voices start crying
For so long they were unspoken

Werewolves start to howl
Flash their fangs
And start to growl

Witches fly across the sky
Whispering in your ear
To start saying goodbye

Vampires start to glide up to you
Seduce your mind with gentle promises
Promises of course, that are all untrue

Creatures creep all around
Nowhere is safe
Fear starts to surround

Blood starts to rain from above
Red like the heart
That is afraid of true love

But there is something over there
A different creature
That is mourning in despair

Compelled to follow
It's eyes now exposed
Eyes that are deep and hallow

Something flickers from within
Something in those eyes
That causes the tears to begin

Arms reach out and all is ok
Evil is misunderstood
It's just something that stories portray

But good and evil can never mix
Always forbidden
Never treats, only tricks

Loving this creature from Halloween
Can't be with him, separated from evil
From my world, his is unseen