The Ghost of Pam

Everyone's view was the same, a girl of many faults and sins. From throwing small chairs around in nursery to frequently forgetting books at school. I was such a forgetful person that it was like carrying a burden around with me. As I entered the classroom, LATE, I sat at my place and alas, I've forgot my rough book and instead of my geography book, I've taken my History book. I raised my hand in despair and told the teacher about the misfortune and yet again, I get a black mark on the list, only one away from a detention. At the end of the day, I forgot half my homework and I committed yet another sin. Our next door neighbours were confronted with a blast of arguments through the not-so-thick wall.

"I can always do it tomorrow!" I shouted.

"No you can't you silly girl!" answered back my mum.

"Please?" I managed to squeak.

"NO!" hollered my mum.

"You're such an unfair person, you're so annoying!" I arrogantly shouted as I trudged upstairs under the weight of my schoolbag.

I slumped down onto my chair and I got my books out.

"Come… come… come…"

I jumped when I heard the mysterious whisper. A chill ebbed slowly down my spine. I turned the radio on, but nothing happened. I pressed the power button many times but still, nothing happened!

"Come… come… come…"

There it went again. I sat in the corner of the room, looked around me, frightened, into empty space when I noticed a little, black kitten on my bed. It was so cute! I just had to pick it up, I just had to! So I crept up slowly towards the kitten and I picked it up. It purred delicately and ever so delightfully.

"Hello! What's your name? You look lovely!" whispered the kitten.

I nearly dropped it in the sheer shock of the speaking kitten. I couldn't believe that it thought I was lovely! My hair looked like as if I just had been electrocuted and my face was covered in spots!

"My name is Pam and I really don't feel that great right now so just leave me alone", I hissed at the kitten.

It purred and whispered, "I'll keep you company, don't worry!"

I put the kitten on my bed and muttered, "I'm going to watch television now and DON'T follow me!"

I walked towards my door. Just before I got there it slammed shut with a loud bang and the lights went out. I screamed for my mum but she didn't come. I turned around to face a ragged, skinny and very tall girl. Her face was paper white and an extraordinary light emitted from her head; there were rays of light covering the whole spectrum.

"Do you really think that your mum will come for you?" hissed the girl with an astonishingly gruff voice, "hehe, she wont. No she won't. She thinks that you are happily sitting at your desk reading a book while listening to some music. Hehe, hehe, heh - she doesn't know that you are standing here with… me. Hehe hehe hehe!"

I called for the kitten to come back, but nothing happened. The girl opposite me laughed. She laughed so loudly that the floor seemed to shake.

"Hehe, I am the kitten! Hehe, well at least, I was the kitten! Hehe hehe!"

I whimpered. The girl picked up the chair that was next to her and threw it across the room. It hit me with great magnitude, I blacked out for a moment. My head exploded with blood, I screamed, I looked in the mirror and I saw a square mark where the chair hit my head. The girl threatened me and shouted, "wimp! You sad little wimp. Aaah, you're going to cry now aren't you? Aaaah, poor… um… WOZYERNAIM?"

""What did you say?" I asked.

"I said what's your name, you stupid person!" roared the girl.

"I don't see why I should tell you when you're being so rude," I hissed.

"Well look at you!" growled the girl.

"What's wrong with me?"

"You know exactly what, you ignorant girl!"

"What, then, what?"

"DON'T YOU SEE YOU IGNORANT PERSON? I WANT TO KNOW YOUR NAME AND I WANT TO KNOW IT NOW!" roared the girl with so much power that her cheeks turned crimson.

I went white. It was as if we exchanged faces, her face was bright crimson yet mine was as white as paper! I managed to squeak,
"M-m-my n-name i-i-is P-Pam."

She turned white again and hissed," so Pamelia, no, Tam, no, um… what's your name again?"

I uttered a whisper, "Pam."

"Okay, PAM. You have many faults in yourself. I want to teach you a lesson. A lesson that you'll never forget, oh no, not even with your forgetfulness. You'll remember this for the rest of your life. Fix these faults otherwise I shall visit you again. I shall leave a permanent mark on your life. Forever."

After saying that, she turned to the radio and pressed the power button. An ear-booming loud sound resonated through my head; it nearly rated for an ultrasound sound and it could have measured up to 150db! It was the only sound I could hear and it was killing my ears, the girl laughed but I couldn't hear her. The sound gets higher and higher then

All goes black.

I woke up on the floor. My head was very painful, I put my hand on in and I felt something very strange. I looked in the mirror and to my sheer surprise,

I saw the mark from the chair.