The ice speaks my name, its whisper smoothes my cheek
I step onto the white icing and my legs turn weak
The blackness cloaks my body, allowing me to breathe
I take a daring glide, the real world I start to leave

There is no sound as I slide, on coldness solid and strong
I feel as though I'm dreaming, but I know I must be wrong
Moonlight fills my eyes and the sky becomes so clear
Stars dance on the dark waves of night; their song I faintly hear

I feel as though I'm floating but my foot begins to slip
I correct it but I'm falling, my body takes a dip
The ice is getting nearer, beckoning my mind
I attempt to pull away, any likely way I find

Lips are turning blue, skin barely touching the cold
Until I hear a noise behind me and something strong take hold
Guiding me, holding me, hands clutching mine
Warming me, taking me, skimming a perfect line

Wind pushes my hair back, icy air stabs my heart
Our bodies latched together knowing we'll never part
Time is frozen in the ice, now we're safe, drained of fear
The stars end their song, while my eyes drip frosty tears