I Love Being Bad

Little Jeremy Jinkins was a naughty young boy,

And yet he was so glad!

'Why, Jemmy Jinkins, are you so full of joy,

When you are so bad?'

'I love being bad,'

Said Jemmy kicking his sister,

'It makes everyone so sad.'

Said J.J. as he scratched his blister.

Oh, how woeful I felt,

That his mum

Was forced to use the belt.

Oh, it was no fun.

And his dad,

Who went back to square one

Not allowing J.J. to be glad,

Or to have any fun.

Naughty Jemmy was walking

On the roof of his flat.

And as he was talking,

He fell off and squashed the cat.

His parents ran from the room

Down to the place he fell.

They looked down in sadness and gloom

At the poor yound boy from hell.

As the death certificate was

Passed around the family,

Jemmy's sister showed her jaws

And slapped her mum gleefully.

Her mum grabber her and shouted,

'Emma! What is wrong with you,

I say!' as Emma clouted.

'Are you being naughty too?!'

'I love being bad,'

Said Emma kicking her dad,

'It makes everyone so sad.'

Said Emma as she acted ever so bad.