Raina winced, remembering the searing pain that had gone through her when she had borne this young boy. She smiled, and looked at the tiny infant's fists, waving around. It had been worth the pain, she knew immediately inside her heart. She smiled at him again, simply enjoying the feel of such a newborn baby in her arms. Her newborn baby. She had gone through so much pain for this child, and it had been worth it. Her heart just melted at the sight of him.

            "You," She whispered to it. "look like your father, now, don't you?"

            On this newborn, there was a tiny fuzzy patch of hair on top of his head, and it was just the shade of her husband's hair. She couldn't wait for the child to open his eyes, so she could see just the color of them.

            "If only your father was here to see this…" She said sadly. "I don't know whether he'd be proud or shocked. Probably proud, the conceited ape he is. He would probably just drop you, now wouldn't he?"

            The baby let out a little squeal, as though on queue, and Raina laughed softly, kissing the top of the infant's head.

            "Yes, you're right." She said quietly. "He'd probably be extra-careful with you, until you grew up and was able to start handling everything. But…he's not here anymore. So we'll never know….we'll never know."

            "Raina?" She heard a soft male voice call from outside of the room. She looked up at Cali, who stood in the doorway, grinning. "How is he?"

            "Oh, He's fine." She said, sighing softly. She couldn't remember being so torn between sadness and happiness. She was so happy at this birth of this newborn child in her arms, but the sadness that tugged on her was for her husband. She had not seen him in so long. She knew that she would probably never see him again. Not this time. There was no chance of him coming back now. Ever.

            "How are you?" Cali asked, sitting on the edge of the bed next to her, and softly touching the baby's head.

            "Oh, you know…" She said. "I miss him…"

            "I'm so sorry, Raina." He said softly, and let his touch trail from the child to his mother. Raina shook her head.

            "No, he shouldn't have…but it's too late for anything to be done now. I just can't help thinking about what he might have done when this little guy was born. He looks so much like him, you know?"

            "Yeah, Raina." Cali said, and smoothed her hair in a platonic way. "I know. I know…"

            "I'm not going to cry…" She said, sounding more as though she were trying to convince herself rather than Cali. "This is supposed to be a happy day. I just had my first child…"

            "You can cry, Raina." Cali assured her. "If you could cry on any day, this would be a good day to do it."

            "I just had my first child." She said. "And now, my last because he…"

            Cali smiled at her softly, and suddenly a small boy, looking of the age of ten burst in the room, grinning and laughing.

            "I wanna see!" He exclaimed.

            "Feral…" Cali said in a warning tone.

            "No. I wanna see!" The boy said, and looked over the bed at the young child that Raina was holding.

            "Ew, he's all red." Feral said, trying to poke him.

            "Feral, stop." Raina warned, and Feral looked up at her.

            "Sorry." He said unapologetically.

            "Feral, out." Cali demanded in a firm, yet light tone. Feral frowned and stomped out of the room, making sure that they could hear each step he made. Raina looked back down at the child in her arms, and smiled again.

            "He's going to be beautiful, isn't he?" Raina commented. Cali grinned and nodded.

            "Just like his father, eh?"

            "Yeah…" She said quietly. "Just like his father…."


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