I can't believe the pain you have caused me

I met you at the beginning of my education,
You left half way through the third year,
and returned in the fifth,
You had changed since you'd been away,
But I never thought it would be this bad.

You turned evil,
Using your mind to your advantage,
You bullied me,
But Not physically,
But it hurt just as much.

For two and a half years,
You used your new power,
Getting everyone to gang up on me,
Without even uttering a single word,
Driving the hate deep within me.

I thought it would stop when I began High School,
But then I met someone new,
Her name was Jill,
She began to do the same,
I could tell the simple startings of this harsh disease,
It boiled inside me,
Hit me twice as hard,
My friends said they hated you,
But still walked off with the ememy,
Then you got them one by one,
to gang up on me,
Best friends,
I've known my whole life long,
Are now distant memories.

In a way I can thank you both,
for finally drawing the line,
You opened the door,
And showed me who my real friends were,
I was furious that they'd transferred over,
That is when I knew,
You were pure evil,
You made me wanna die,
Wanna lash out at you,
But I finally saw the light,
tried to forget,
leave the past behind me,
my best friends,
the best I'd ever had,
Shared at first,
Now I no longer care,
I walked up to her,
And screamed it in her face,
I DO NOT GIVE A DAMN! (well actually the real thing was too rude to say here)
I unleashed the tiger inside of me,
But the difference is I can be tamed,
The deep, dark, evil Dragon inside of you,
Should be locked up and if it turned on you,
You'd know the strength of the pain you caused.

So thank you for saving me,
all though you dragged me through hell to get there,
I finally found that I have few true friends,
The ones I thought,
Would stick with me till the end,
Left like lightning,
I scared them off,
I don't care,
And neither do they,
But they deserve to be wrong,
They should have regrets,
One day I know they will try to come crawling back,
And I can be like them and turn my back.