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Tuesday - 7:02 AM

I took a deep breath as I stared at the large high school. I couched a bit, knowing that I was just stalling for some time. My drive looked at me threw the review mirror.

"Have a nice day, Master Skylar." He said with an encouraging smile. I gave him a weak smile back.

"Thanks Wart, good bye." I said sounding casual as I got out of the car and swung my navy blue back pack over my left shoulder. I walked towards the schools entrance when a blonde girl walked up to me.

"Hello, you must be new." She said and drawled it out as I mentally gagged and laughed at the same time.

"Yes I am." I said in a bored tone but she didn't seem to hear it or at least, didn't seem to act like she heard it.

"Well then, I should show you around. Shouldn't I?" She asked seductively as I resisted the urge to punch her.

"I know where I am going." I said in the same bored tone. I truly didn't know where I was going but I didn't want her showing me around. Then a light bulb went off in my head as a grin spread over my features. "But how about I met you in the janitors room." I said as she nodded and walked off as I glared at the back of her head. "What I slut." I said in disgust.

"Ya but she's hott and you just turned her down." I turned to see a guy standing about four inches taller then me with a smile plastered on his face.

"You point being?" I asked putting my right hand in my pocket to try and find a piece of gum.

"Dude, nobody and I mean NOBODY turns her down." He said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"Well I just did." I said in a flat tone as a girl walked up beside the guy.

"Dang, all the cute ones are gay." She said with a loud sigh and the guys big brown eyes went wide with shock.

"I'm not gay, just because I turned some slut down I don't want any diseases." Also I don't want anyone to know that instead of something down there I had two up there. Oh ya, did I fail to mention that I'm a girl dressed up as a guy in a new school? Oh I didn't? Well it must of slipped my mind…

"I knew it existed! A guy who thinks with his brain and not his dick!" I had to laugh at that as the brown eyed guy rolled his eyes. "Oh by the way I'm Tessa Ryder and this is my best friend-"

"Diego McNeil, dude you have balls." He said interrupting Tessa.

"Of course I do, I am a guy after all." I said with a small grin as they both laughed.

"What's your name anyways?" Tessa asked.

"Skylar Blood." I said as Tessa and Diego's eyes went wide.

"As in the Blood Foundation?!" Tessa asked loudly as I nodded.

"Don't say you want to be my friends now or I'll sock you both." I said in a flat tone. Tessa and Diego both laughed at that one.

Wednesday - 11:23 AM

"I swear if one more girl hits on me I'll keel over." I said as I hunched over a bit.

"Just face it Sky, you're a hunk and you're a billionaire." Tessa said with a big smile. I just groaned.

"I am seriously thinking of liking guys." I said with a seductive smile at Diego as he chocked on his pizza causing Tessa and I to laugh. I had to admit it, Diego was not bad looking at all and he was really funny too. Though he was a bit stupid at times but I guess you cant have everything, now can you? Especially me, I mean I'm a guy but truly a girl… so me liking guys is all right as long as no one see's me staring at them then I can considered straight that I just don't have the time or patience for a girlfriend. That and everyone says I make a very hott guy which is disgusting… if only they knew I was a girl but I had to keep that a secrete.

"Hey give that back!" I looked over to were three guys were playing monkey in the middle with a little guys back pack.

"Jump for it!" One of the big gorilla's in a football jacket said and laughed. I growled in irritation and walked over to them. Even if they were way bigger then me there was NO way that I was going to let some idiots boss and tease some little guy just cause they are bigger and on the football team.

"Give it back to him." I said in a low and dangerous voice to the gorilla's. They turned to me.

"Or what?" One of them asked me.

"Or his daddy will fire yours." Another one answered as they all laughed. I grinned dangerously and they all stopped laughing.

"That's quite a good idea but I rather settle this the old fashion way." I said simple. The three grinned at me and dropped the back pack then started to walk towards me. I swallowed hard and for once wished I was a girl again, I mean a good thing about being a girl not many guys will hit you or they'll get beaten up by all the guys that think its wrong to hit a girl. If there were only one of them I could probably beat him, maybe even two but there were three of them!

"You asked for it punk." One of them said as my eyes darted around for a quick exit but there was none and by this time everyone was crowded around. Ok, now why doesn't it be like the movies or books were a teacher poofs out of no where and save me? … duh you idiot because this isn't a movie or book!

"No I didn't but ok." I said and just stood there. This was the only trick I could think of right now but it'd have to work till I could get to more of an open place.

"Little rich boy is going to take it, lets give it to him." They all advanced on me in a line like I thought the gorilla's would do and when they were close enough I put all my force into a kick that made the first one go over, tumbling into the second one and the third one falling over.

They were all trying to get up as I laughed and decided to make my exit now. I took off towards the cafeteria doors but was pulled by my hoodie as I fell backwards and stared at the old man who had grabbed me.

Oh great… now the principle shows up…

5:38 PM

"Two months detention?!" A women with blonde hair screeched as I resisted the urge to cover my ears. "I know you are now a boy but you still have manners and starting a fight is NOT good!" She added in a higher pitched voice as my ear drums felt like they would explode any second.

"I'm sorry…" I said even though I wasn't really sorry. I didn't care that I got two months detention, it was worth it to see those three gorilla's falling around like idiots.

"You should be. Now up to your room while we think your punishment threw." She said as I hopped out of the chair and went straight to my room. I went into the little bathroom that was connected to my huge bed room.

Maybe I should explain why I'm pretending to be a guy. Well you see, my mother has lost her marbles about a month ago and tried to kill me to get my dad's money. My dad died a year ago and left all his money to me though I couldn't get it till I was 18 and I was only 15 but I had access to a little bit of it.

Well my dad was a billionaire, actually he was richer then that but he always raised me like a normal teen so I never knew he was so rich and the same with my mother. I guess when she found out about it, the same time I did a month ago she flipped and wanted the money.

So in my dad's will it says if I should ever need protecting I should go to the Blood's house and so I did. Mr. and Mrs. Blood took me in and made this whole thing to the press that I was their son Skylar Blood when I was truly Skylar Silver. They made up a story that I still don't understand but seems to work for everyone else and now am one of their own.

They have four other sons though. Lunar, Knives, River and Dark. Ya I know weird names but oh well, they are still pretty cool. I know little to nothing about them besides their ages, names and where they are. Lunar and Dark are twins and they are 16. Lunar is 21 and in college while River is 15 and in boarding school off in Ireland with Lunar. But Dark is in California attending a school there.

So that's my story. Yep… that's it… welcome to the life of the rich and famous…

I looked at myself in the mirror. Ok so I wasn't bad looking as a guy but I still hated the fact that I can get more girls as a guy then I can get more guys as a girl. It really sucks…

I take off the pony that my shoulder length black hair was in and it went around my shoulders. I sighed loudly and changed from my guy clothes which consisted of baggy pants, boxers, a baggy shirt and a baggy hoodie. I had this bond thing that made it seem like I had nothing there and I took that off to. I mean I wasn't small but I wasn't huge… just in the middle. So I changed into my pajama's and brushed out the knots in my black that had blue roots.

I stared at my reflection. I was a tom boy, that's why I pulled off this guy thing so well and I guess it bugged me that I was better at being a guy then I was at being a girl. I had a huge crush on my best friend but never got the chance to tell him because he went out with another of my best friends and there was no way I was going to come in between them. Especially since they seem so much in love… I guess that was my first heart break.

Pathetic, I know… but that's my life all summed up. Oh well, just three more years and I'll be out of this place… three long years as a guy… oh ya I'm doomed.

Thursday - 1:05 PM

"Oh no, I'm getting a stomach ache. I better go to the nurses office." I mumbled, putting a hand to my stomach in fake pain as I turned around to walk to the nurses office but Diego got a hold of my hood and dragged me off to my certain doom.

"No way! You've made excuses for four days not to come to gym and everyone thinks you're a wimp. Do you truly want your reputation to be ruined just because you cant change with the big boys? Ok, I didn't think so! So your going to change and play some soccer with us." Diego said and pushed me into the guys locker room were I almost fainted at the sight.

"No really, I have a stomach ache!" I almost yelled trying to get past Diego but since he was much bigger (seems like all the guys are bigger then me…) he pushed me to some lockers and then started to take off his shoes.

I decided the best thing to do was stare straight at the number on the locker and at nothing else. Oh god, I cant breath!

"Are you just going to stand there or are you going to change? Your gym clothes are in the locker." Diego said as I made the mistake of looking at him to shot a comment back at him but was caught off guard when he was just standing there in a pair of navy blue shorts and nothing else. I felt my face heat up as I looked back at the locker. Then decided before Diego could say anything, I opened my locker, grabbed my clothes and ran off to find the shower stalls to get changed in.

I guess keeping my eyes on the floor wasn't a good idea because soon I ran right into a locker and fell back wards right into something warm and strong. I blinked as my head spun a bit.

"OW!" I yelled out as I heard a bit of laughing from some of the other guys. No seriously, that REALLY hurt! I looked up at the guy who had caught me and was also laughing at me.

"A little delayed reaction, wasn't that?" He asked with the cutest grin I had every seen. That's when I noticed he only had boxers on and I mentally squeaked and shot up.

"I'm sorry!" I said as I ran into a shower stall and quickly got changed. After getting changed I calmed myself down and felt the heat of my face go down.

I walked out of the stall, my clothes in a ball as I quickly walked to my locker and stuffed my clothes into my locker. I looked at Diego and knew he was trying to control his laughter as I punched him and glared. I stormed off, my hands clenched in fist at my sides.

Diego strolled beside me, looking very happy and is the punch didn't hurt but I knew it had hurt. I mean, if I could hurt a football player who is way bigger then Diego then I could hurt him… couldn't I?

"Ok class calm down!" A guy that looked way to skinny and way to old to be our gym teacher said very loudly. "Now, we are going to go play some soccer. Now for team captions." He glanced around and I his eyes connected with me as he grinned. "How about Blood and Nerf." I walked up in front of all the guys and felt a spot light on me as "Nerf" walked up beside me with a grin.

"You look kind of scrawny." He pointed out as the gym teacher walked away, obviously letting us handle this.

"Well you look kind of dumb but I didn't say anything till right now, did I?" I asked with a glare totally forgetting about my shyness and how I hate to be in the lime light. He glared at me and we started to pick people. Of course I picked Diego, considering that he was the only real guy I knew in this class and he was pretty popular so he would know who to pick and who not to pick.

"Who's that guy?" I asked thumbing to the guy I had fallen into in the locker room. Diego looked at him and smiled sharply.

"Tyson Matters, pick him… he'll be amazing, trust me." Diego said as I nodded. Ok so I really wanted Tyson to be on my team, so sue me! The guy was the cutest thing and he had an incredible smile that would just melt anyone's heart. Oh wow… that was so… not me!

"Tyson." I said as Tyson strolled over casually to my side and Nerf seemed to get pissed off at that pick.

"I was going to pick him pee-wee." He said angrily as I shrugged.

"Well I picked him bone head so move on and get over it." I said crossing my arms over my chest with a satisfied grin when he picked someone else.

"You picked the wrong guy to be your enemy." Tyson said as Diego and a couple other guys nodded in agreement. I let out a mock gasp and rolled my eyes.

"Like I'm scared of some guy with the last name of Nerf." I said as we began to get into our spots on the soccer field.

Soon the game began but before I knew it I was on the ground with little birdies flying around me.


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Skylar: So u ended it right there?!

Diego: ya what's your problem?!

*whimpers and hides in corner*

Nerf: How come I always get made of fun of?!

Skylar: Because your name is ridiculous!

Nerf: *glares at authoress* its all your fault!

*hides knife behind back* huh? What? I wasn't on planning to rid of them!

Tyson: *gasps* u were going to get rid of ME?! *eyes go all wide*

*shakes head* NO NO NO! I LOVE U TYSON! *hugs him* just they bug me… *points to rest of them*

Skylar: hey! What'd I do?!

U yelled at me u… u… MEANIE HEAD!

Tyson: *gasps* how dare u yell at her! *glares*

Hehe, my own personal protector! *gets grabbed from behind and gagged*

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