grumble mumble mumble

Blade: AKA, she's tired, sick, sore and PMSING

mumble grunt pulls out knife

Blade: O.o uhh did I say PMSING? I totally didn't mean that… HEY CHOCOLATE!

grabs chocolate and hides under desk

Blade: wipes sweat from forehead

Diego: … shakes head uh sorry for the authoress taking so long to update… why the heck do I have to apologize?!

grumble mumble grumble

Diego: …?

Blade: Don't look at me, not even I can understand that… pulls out Lang-o of Grumpy Teens

flicks Blade off

Diego: Hehe, I got that one


I stared angrily at Diego and Emerald putting out my cake while Tyson held me back from murdering them. They were ruining my perfect cake! Ok, I admit it… the cake was a bit flamey… but that was not my fault. Alright, so I put a bit of wine on top of it then put it in the oven but how was I suppose to know it'd explode?

"Sky?" I turned and looked up innocently at my boyfriend who's left eye was twitching slightly. Uh-oh… I think he's mad… "Just enlighten me… WHAT WHERE YOU THINKING?!" He shouted, shaking me. My head snapped into place and I could feel my brain being thrown against my skull. Like I didn't have enough brain damage without his help!

"Well Mr. Blood said a little bit of wine makes everything taste better…" Tyson looked at me skeptically for a minute or two. Ok, so I was baking a cake for Blade, him knowing that I hated to cook so he'd think of it as some big thing… and I decided to add a little wine because… well I thought maybe it'd loosen him up? I slumped slightly in Tyson's arms and sighed. "I was baking a cake for Blade…" I mumbled, my frown deepening. Tyson smiled and pulled me up straight, kissing me on the forehead. Oh great, he was going to insult me but was trying to butter me up before he did…

"Sky, I know your trying to get Blade to forgive you but burning down the kitchen isn't exactly the smartest ideas…" I narrowed my eyes at him. He gave me a big smile, trying to make up for his lake of sympathy. I struggled out of his grasp and stormed out of the kitchen to the living room. "Oh yeah, there's someone waiting for you!" I grumbled some more as I looked at the door.

"Hey…" Soft blue eyes looked at me through a vial of black hair. I rubbed my arm and looked at him. "So, trying to burn down the house just to get my forgiveness?" He asked with a small smile. I beamed at him and nodded, clutching my burned hand to my chest. "And hurting yourself in the meantime?" He frowned at this.

"Well it was smoking and in a state of panic I tried to grab the pan without any protection…" I rushed out, rubbing the opposite side of my burnt hand. Blade sighed and shook his head, his hair falling out of his eyes. "Listen Blade I'm really-"

"Its kind of obvious your sorry Sky… but I don't know if I'll ever be able to get over you…" My face fell as did my hands to my side. What was he saying?

"Blade I don't understand…" I said even though part of me knew what he was saying. I just didn't want to believe it.

"I've always loved you… since we were 8 when those bigger kids pushed me down and you stuck up for me even after they took your teddy bear and threw it in the mud…" Blade said with a small sad smile at the memory. I remembered that day, Blade had been smaller then me back then and I felt it was my duty to take care of him… "I'm going back home to try and forget about all… this…" He said with a sigh, not looking at me in the eyes anymore. I took a step towards him but he backed up. I felt unshed tears building up as I opened my mouth but no words would come out. "Don't come any closer… I don't know if I can hold myself back…" And with that he turned around and left.

"Sky I-"

"Shut up Tyson, this isn't the time… let her be…" I heard Emerald hiss. I stood there for a couple minutes as I brought my brunt hand back up and looked at it. I spun around to face them all now and all their eyes held the same sadness.

"What should I do?" I asked, keeping the tears from pouring down with everything I had.

"Let him go… its what he wants…" Emerald said, her frown deepening.

"Is that all I can do?" The tears flowed freely now. "Just stand back and watch my best friend go?" I choked on the words and wiped harshly at my eyes. Tyson stepped foreword, his arms open and I just pushed him back shaking my head.

Emerald: well that was depressing…

nods well everyone was saying how she got off so easy with Tyson so I decided to make Blade more difficult

Blade: So I'm gone… just like that (

pats him on head Nope, you'll come back for the last chapter… which will be the next one

Blade: so I'm in the story until the end?!



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