A/N: The ending isn't what I expected, but I'm pretty happy with it

Monica's baby died on Sunday
He was only 10 months old
The baby-sitter dropped him on his head

Jared's wife died on Monday
She was the only love he'd ever known
She was killed by a drunk driver

Theresa's aunt died on Tuesday
They were as close as sisters
She was stabbed while trying to break up a fight

Pedro's mother died on Wednesday
She was his only family in the world
She was murdered by a rapist

Laura's sister died on Thursday
Now she regrets their petty fights
She was killed in the line of duty

Robert's best friend died on Friday
He was the only person Robert could confide in
He was shot in a gang fight

My boyfriend died to today, Saturday
He was my whole world
He died trying to defend me

I don't want to watch
The people who are dearest to me
At the mercy of other men

So I will die tomorrow
Because I refuse to be the victim
Of anyone
But myself