By:Andrew Troy Keller

Back in the year 1979,
Both Jonathan and Victoria Devine
Were on their way to a Halloween party.
But that was before 7:30,
After they had gotten on Interstate Nine.

At first,they were along the Interstate
With no problem.But that was until Fate
Had other plans in store for the ill-fated
Couple,for a semi had appeared
From nowhere and started to skid on the Interstate.

And even though they tried to get out of the way,
The Devine's car has been smashed by the stray
Semi into a wall of a bridge
Which was next to the exit to Piper's Ridge,
Where the semi driver had gone for help on that day.

However,even though they had arrived at 7:58
To help the Devines out of their wrecked car,it was too late,
For both Jonathan and Victoria were each found dead
As a result from a servere blow to the head
And looked like they were about to go through Heaven's Gate.

But that was before many years later,
When Rebecca Stoddard,an ABC-TV news reporter
Had suddenly bumped into a man
Named Steven McMahon,
Who just happens to be a movie producer.

At that time,there was not a bit of hate
Between them,for they discovered that they're soulmates
Who had lost each other years before
And found each other again.And deep in the core
Of the matter,they'll forever know love,not hate.