Marshmallow man
We see him when he cries
We laugh at his attention pleas
He sits up on the stage
Strumming on his guitar
Long brown rugged hair
He wears a dress
And cries for you
Marsh mellow man
Suicidal tendency behavior
Is his favorite hobby
He is one hundred pounds
Strumming on the weak guitar
Anemia is his new disease
Bipolar dictates his sad mind
He is dying, losing blood cells
His daddy was born on his birthday
He is reminded of him everyday
His father is dad, mommy beat him
Mommy says she hates "white trash"
Marshmallow man
Sixteen, his first love dies
He hates sex, masturbation, no no
He thinks he needs you,
He thinks he is bisexual
But he reaches out for a new girl
Hear him play, on his guitar
Watch him sing for you, you and you
He is a pathological liar, yes
Eyelids are worn out
From staring at the pale wall
Wants you all to idolize
Marshmallow man
He hates himself and wants to die
He loves himself and wants to live
Repeats this over and over
Cut him open, spill his guts
That's what he wants
For us to feel his agony
Cut him up with his dress
Ugly mess, he still cries for you
With shards of the guitar
Stinging his slashed wrists
Lying in his own ocean of blood
This is his fate, he obliges it
Marshmallow man.