In a flash of steel the sword descended
And plunged deep into the warrior's chest
As he fell the girl ran over
Defying the gods to take him
Defying them to say his life was ended
Faith and hope were put to the test.

From blood-stained cheeks the soft lashes lifted
Blue-green eyes flickered open, gazed at her
She looked back through her own blurred vision
Felt her own heart flutter, her chest clenched with grief
Gripped his hand, watched as his conciousness drifted
She could do nothing but stay with him there.

"Fate has it's say and we die when we must,"
He said, and she wept to hear,
"Life fades, falls and is forgotten, like leaves in November."
She knew, but wouldn't except that the end must be near
That night must swallow the day, death swallow life.
"Be proud that I died for what's right and just."

With that the soft lashes closed again
One last breath sighed and was lost
She clung still to his cold, limp hand
Let the tears fall freely, watched as the proof of her grief
Fell upon him in cold, clear drops.
"Time moves on," she whispered, "Like spring into winter
Hopes and dreams turn to dust."