She looked around. Everything was silent in the house. It was now or never. Her parents would be coming home soon. As she thought of them, her hazel eyes filled up with tears. "No, I have to be strong," she thought. "It's for the best of all of us." She cast another look at the letters she had been writing. Yes, everything was clear. They would understand. She stood up, revealing to be very tall. Her hands reached for the knife. She was trembling. "Take hold of yourself!" she said to herself. "It won't do any good if you stop now. You have to go through with this. It'll soon end." She knew it all. She had read a lot about the subject, until she chose the best way to do it. It would be soon over. She looked up at the photographs of her friends. A tear ran through her cheek. She clutched the blade in her hand firmly. "I'm going to miss you, guys," she whispered softly. "Take care. I love you all. Goodbye." She prayed while the blade slit both her wrists. The she fell on the floor, life and blood running from her veins.

Somewhere, a girl woke up, scared.