Cathleen sat upright on her bed. She was sweating and her heart was beating very fast. After a few minutes, when she had calmed down a bit, she thought about her dream. "Dream? I'd rather call it a nightmare", she thought. "If only I could remember it clearly." There had been blood, a knife, some letters. And a girl lying on the floor. Cathleen didn't understand it. What was that nightmare about? "I'll ask Ciar tomorrow. She'll know what to do." With this thought she went to sleep again. A sleep without dreams.

The next morning, she woke up worried. She didn't know why, but she knew something was going to happen. She could feel it in the air. It was a horrible feeling. Her last night nightmare kept coming back to her mind. Only one thought made her feel better: the knowledge that, in a few hours, she would be able to talk to Ciar. Ciar was her best friend. She was a very strange girl, but extremely nice and helpful. Her ideas about life were maybe a little hard to understand and to accept, but once you knew her better, you couldn't help but to like her. "She's really one unique girl", Cathleen thought on her way to school. When she arrived, she looked for Ciar, but she couldn't find her. She asked some of their friends, but no one had seen Ciar. "Oh well, I'll talk to her in the break", Cathleen thought. She headed to her History class.

Their History teacher, Mrs. Blosson, was a short, fat woman. She was always beaming at her students and she could teach very well. The class went on as always. Then someone walked into the classroom. It was the school psychologist, Mr. Gideon. "May I have a word with you, Mrs. Blosson?" he asked. His voice was soft and polite, but Cathleen could notice that he seemed to be quite nervous. Mrs. Blosson asked the class to keep working and went out. Everyone began to talk at once. Though she normally would have talked to her friends, Cathleen felt uneasy. She had noticed the urgent tone in Mr. Gideon's voice. He was worried. If only she knew what was going on. She threw a glance at her classmates, all chattering happily. "I wish Ciar was here. At least, I know she understands me". Ciar had gone to another class that year, a special class for teenagers with a high IQ. At first, Cathleen was scared that Ciar would find another best friend in her new class, someone who was more like her. But that didn't happen. The two of them were still best friends. Best friends for life, as Ciar would always say. Nothing was going to come between them. Never. Although Ciar seemed to be a little distant the last couple of weeks. But Cathleen wasn't worried. Ciar had been like that before.

At this point of her thoughts, Mrs. Blosson walked back in the class. Her face was white and she seemed to have received quite of a shock. She said with a shaky voice: "Cathleen, dear, would you go to Mr. Gideon's office? There's something he has to tell you." Cathleen stood up, swung her bag over her shoulder and went out. While walking through the corridors, she wondered what Mr. Gideon had to tell her. It must be something very serious, it had surely given Mrs. Blosson quite a turn. She stopped before Mr. Gideon's office and took a deep breath. Then she opened the door. She walked in and greeted the psychologist. "Take a seat", he said. "Tell me, Cathleen, are you a friend of Ciar Emeryx?" Cathleen felt like her heart was going to stop. "Yes. Ciar is my best friend. What's going on? Is there something wrong with her?" Mr. Gideon bent forward. "I'm afraid this is going to be a great shock for you, Cathleen. Your friend Ciar is not between us anymore. She committed suicide last night. I'm really sorry."