Squeezing Life Through Your Hands

He takes a grip
Upon her skin
She gasps in pain
Her lungs searching for oxygen

Slowly she struggles
And tries to squirm
Falling into lethargy
Hoping this isn't her final breath

Eventually she drops
Tears sticking to
Her pale face
An expression of fear
Painted across it

Her eyes are open
Her mouth is also
A silent scream
She tries to release

He lifts her body
Throws her into
The water below
Sucks her into it's depths

Her arms raised
To the surface
Requesting aid
That never came
She still reaches out

Sand floats up slowly
As her body
Disturbs the bottom
Of the ocean that holds her now

Her murderer
Stands above
Making sure
That she never gets up

The frightened
Dead girl
Lies on the sea floor
Forever she will lie
And never be found