Chapter 1

Standing in the grove surrounded by trees, the only light came from the fire and the very last of the season's fireflies.

Tihohara had been here before. Once, she had possessed great powers. She had been a high ruler, the leader of millons of beloved helpers. But now, her power had been stripped away, leaving her only with her raw abilities. Actually, she was with less than her 'raw abilities'. She had been born with the power rightfully hers, which she no longer had. Her goal was to make it back to her kingdom, and get their help to steal her powers back. Then, she would once again ascend the throne.

Vegatillions had powers like her original abilities, their own race. They had their own planet, but it was rare to find all of them there at once, as they spent their time on Earth, with various jobs.

They were fairies.

The elemental fairies, being the elements they represented, were Fire, Water, Plant, Rock, Wind, Rain, Snow. The relationships between the Elementals are very understandabvle: Water and Land have been working together so long it was a reflex. Fire, having a temper, sometimes resents her absolute need to operate with Wind and her own personal vulnerability to Water. Land was ruler of many, many, many representatives of plants, playing their own small time role.

Then there are the personal fairies, one for each girl on earth. Confidante, consoler, friend. They were there, living and thriving within the imagination.

And then there were four highly important fairies, representing the regions of Earth, North, West, South, East.

Tihohara knew all about that job of ruling the other fairies that worked in those parts.

For once, she had been that great ruler of the east! The ruler of so many, a high wall of power.

.Reduced to almost nothing by comparison, without power.

It wouldn't be too long before some fairy (probably an Elemental) would find her and at least take her back to where the others were. She could still rule, then. But without power. She had to find the Evil force that had taken away her power, and somehow get it back.

Yes, Tihohara had been here before. It had been right here, in the ovoid break in the forest, that her powers had been stolen away.

The planet was like Earth, but before now Tihohara had never really been anywhere but the royal area.

With bitter thoughts of revolution in her mind, Tihohara laid down a few feet from the fire.


At the royal castle, where the remaining High Rulers stayed, there was excitement in the air. Yet for one, it was only nervousness.

Linata sat on a gold pleated stool with a silk covered cushion. Snow was putting her hair into tons of twists. Linata's yellow eyes showed apprehension. She was holding her wings fairly low for various reasons: One, so Snow could get at her pure red hair better. Two, because the weight of the world was about to be put on her shoulders. And three, she doubted she could handle the weight.

Linata's high voice pierced the air in the room, which was a bit too stuffy, especially barring her mood. "How am I supposed to be High Ruler of the East? I'm just a girl!"

The other elementals were there, and Wind, the most kind-spirited of them all, got on her knees by Linata and put her hand on the red-head's shoulder.

"No one is 'just a girl', Linata. We all have natural abilities. Everyone has Leadership in them, even if it's the tiniest bit. And the only way that Leadership ability will grow is with experience."

"Why does it have to be me, anyway?" Linata said, to softly for anyone to hear. Therefore, there was no response.

"It isn't very hard, Linata. Problems arise every now and then, but with us you'll do fine," said South. Unfortunately, the accidential implication that Linata would definitely need help was not a confidence booster.

"What are you worried about, anyway, Linata? What do you think you'll have to face when get coronated?" Said Fire, who was leaning against the wall by a door. Fire had a method of counseling more similar to an older brother or a Tough Guy than a mother.

"Well, I'll have to keep a quarter of a world's worth of other fairies in line, most of them older than me. But first I'll have to somehow win their respect. And if I even make it that far, I'll have to deal with Evil Forces and stuff like that. And I can't be normal anymore. People will be constantly respecting me instead of just talking. And I'll be busy all the time and constantly have to act all polished and perfect. And actually be perfect!" Linata thought. She didn't have enough enthusiasim or energy to say so.

Constant worrying had drained her. Upon realizing that, Linata thought, Well, maybe if I'm too tired to do anything, people will think I'm dignified.

Luckily, Fire had never expected an answer.


Completely unaware of the upcoming excitement back at the castle, Tihohara set off on another day. Nothing but travel awaited her, the changes of terrain the only thing keeping one from dying of boredom.

Walking around, a weed suddenly grew around one of her feet, so she was anchored to the ground. In annoyance, she reached down and dug the weed out of the ground. As she proceeded, she didn't notice the weed grow right back. This time it left her alone, though.

Anyone else who had a weed suddenly grow around her foot would have been perplexed, but Tihohara knew that in a way, every single thing around her was alive.

Why some fairy had not brought her back to castle in some way was beyond her, but it was not something she was going to waste time thinking about.

Forgetting about the weed for the must part, Tihohara proceeded onward.