Author: Radical Chic

Note: This is my own original work, and I retain all rights to it. Please do not use it without my permission.

"Kiss me again," she said, the pale moonlight shining into her eyes with a luminescent gleam. She held the dark figure to her close as a tear ran down her cheek. "Do you have to leave?" As the words fell from her mouth she clutched the body closer to her and sobbed.

"I'm afraid the time has come, my love. You knew this would knew from the beginning. I warned you," he said firmly and finally.

"But when you said it, it sounded so far it would never come. I thought I could make you stay. I thought I could make you love me." The tears flowed freely now; she didn't bother to wipe them away any longer.

His voice was shaky, "I do love you, and I always will, but I cannot lie to you. I must go. I cannot stay here. If you understood, you would agree." His words were like ice; cold, stark, and absolute. "I must go, now."

"Will you come back to me?" Her tone was desperate.

"I don't know."

He turned his back to her and walked away into the shadows, his last words echoing in her mind. She wanted to follow him. She wanted to run after him with all of her heart, but she wouldn't find him. He was already gone. She knew this deep inside. It was that sick feeling that haunted her mind. She took a few steps in the direction that he went, but stopped herself, turned the other way, and walked off, into her own shadow.

He felt bad for leaving and he began to regret his actions, but he knew that he could not stay. It would be impossible. He thought to himself as he walked. He honestly did not know if he would ever see the girl again. He knew her feelings for him were strong, but he knew that if he didn't come back, she would move on. He had done this before. She should have seen it in his reluctance.

Many years ago, he had looked into the same stare; the same miserable face and left. It had hurt him, but he never returned to that face and he doubted he would ever see the face he had just left again. Maybe someday he would return to her, but she wouldn't know. He would just look from the shadows, but it was always so depressing. He would see how they moved on without him, how they were happy. He would see all that he could never have.

He sighed and sank down on the pavement. He would stay here tonight. He had no money and no one to turn to. He was alone. Sure, he could have stayed with her, but he would have always been alone. This was the way it was supposed to be. He would only drag her down with him. If someone only understood; if someone only knew the disdain he had for the world around him. How could he love a world that hated him, that didn't understand him?