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Summary: Jennifer is a young teenager that tells the story of how she got together with a troubled gang member named Aaron. Love and Danger become closely tied together. Who will save whom?

I have just one thing to say about this fic, I hate stories where the female is the damsel in distress. I like to have the females kick ass, and not be all shy and timid. This is the way that Jennifer is going to be come the second chapter. If this bothers you, then don't read.

The first chapter is set in the future, instead of the present.

Trials of Destiny

Prologue: How Did It Happen?

*Beep* *Beep* *Beep*

With a groan, Jennifer Allison Reeve rolled out of her bed. She groaned. Bleary eyed she wandered into the bathroom and took a shower. As she stumbled out of the bathroom, her eyes focused on the still breathing form lying in the bed.

"Aaron," she breathed, her eyes filling with moisture.

They had survived incredible odds, just to be together, and they were still going strong.

"But not without sacrifices," she breathed softly. Tears fell from her green eyes, and dripped unnoticed down her face.

The form lying in the bed stirred, and with an almost inaudible moan stumbled out of bed.

Jennifer didn't notice though. Her eyes were fixated on the shadowy figure in the picture. She let out a small shriek when she was drawn into somebody's arms. "Shh, it's okay Jenn. It's me."

Her body sagged against Aaron's strong frame. She didn't think she would ever relax after...after...she couldn't bring herself to even think it.

"Jenn, are you thinking about her?" Aaron's soft voice broke her out of her thoughts.

"Yeah. I miss her a lot. I can't believe what she did." Even though a month had passed since her death, Jennifer didn't think she would ever fully recover from the nightmarish images that would not leave her mind. "It's just that, she gave up so much for us. So much!" and with that Jennifer started sobbing. Aaron quietly held her, his words soothing to her anguished and guilt-ridden mind.

"Honey, it's okay. She may be gone now, but we made our peace with her. We must get past this. Can you? Do you think that you can talk to someone about it?" He asked, reluctantly allowing Jennifer to move out of his protective arms.

Jennifer tried to pull herself together, and finally after a couple of seconds she faced Aaron, and gave him a wan smile. "I'm ready." She nodded.

They got dressed, and slowly they walked down the street to the psychiatrist. Mr. Brown lived very close to them.

As they walked, hand in hand, she tried to ignore some of the streets that Aaron used to hang out on with his gang. She shuddered, and gave Aaron a grateful smile when he opened up the door that led into the building.

They walked into the waiting room, and Ms. Skyler the secretary waved both of them in.

Mr. Brown smiled at her, and asked quietly, "Ms. Reeve, how are you and the baby doing?"

"Both of us are doing fine." He nodded, and then asked, "Have you told your parents yet?" He watched critically as she squirmed uncomfortably.

"No, not yet." Mr. Brown sighed and said, "Jennifer I want to help you, but I cannot do this until you tell me the whole story. I know that something is bothering you, and there is the fact that you refuse to tell your parents that they are going to be blessed with a grandchild soon."

Jennifer sighed, and looked at Aaron. "Fine. Aaron told me that until I talk about what truly happened, I will never be able to get over this and let her go."

Mr. Brown nodded, as if to say continue.

"It all started about three months ago, when I met Aaron in homeroom....."

A/N: I wanted to leave it off here until I found out the reaction from you the people. Just in case you are wondering, Jennifer is two months pregnant. You will also find out who the "Her" that Aaron and Jennifer were talking about. Don't worry, things will begin to make sense soon.

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