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Chapter Two: And So It All Begins

Jennifer sat silently in her homeroom class, her green eyes reflecting her boredom. Her best friend Braedon was sitting next to her, engrossed in Biology homework. Jennifer smiled soflty, Braedon always saved her Biology homework for the last minute; no matter how much she had.

Jennifer quickly glanced at the clock, fifteen minutes until the bell rang, and first period began. Both Braedon and Jennifer had Biology first period, with Mr. Drow.

It looked like it was the beginning of a very boring day. She wished that something exciting would happen. "Jenn?" she turned her head, and regarded Braedon. A smile lit up her friends face, "There's Adam. Are you going to ask him out? I heard that he told his friends that you are h-o-t-t!" Jennifer couldn't help laughing at the way her best friend had said the word hot.

She sighed and shook her head. "No Brae, I don't think that I am going to ask him out. I don't know, I don't if I am ready for another relationship." Braedon sighed, and combed her hand through her short spiky blonde hair. "Jenn, you have to get over Kyle. He turned otu to be a real Jack ass. I think that Adam is different from him. You really should give him a try, you know that you might regret it if you don't do anything. And just think, Jenn, you didn't give him your first kiss, so that's all that matters."

Jennifer gave her a wan smile. It was embarrassing, but she was seventeen years old, and she had not yet got her fist kiss. She had come so close to giving it to Kyle, but one the night that she had planned to kiss him for the fist time, she had caught Kyle making out with the school slut in the hallway. She had been devestated, and it made her very reluctant to ever trust anyother man. But that it had all changed when she had met Adam.

Adam was the so different. He was nice and sweet, and he had the most adorable blue puppy dog eyes. He had long brown hair that fell down to his shoulders, and it was often went ukempt for many days. Adam was very rich- and as a result he wore only the finest and most expensive clothes.

"You know what, Braedon? I am going to go and do it. I'm going to go and talk to Adam." Her friend smiled, and nodded encouragingly.

Taking a deep breath, and smoothing her white skirt out, Jennifer walked slowly through the crowded homeroom, until she was standing in front of Adam. "Hell-Hello." She managed to stammer out.

Adam barely looked up from his homework, but Jennifer somehow managed to miss this. With stars in her eyes she nodded at him, "So, do you wanna go out and get some food sometime?" he asked her, his eyes focused on some far away object.

Beaming, Jennifer nodded, "That'd be awesome!" Adam nodded, and she walked away.

She looked at Braedon, and gave her the thumbs up sign. Her friend nodded, and thent the on minute bell rang. Five seconds later, their homeroom teacher Ms. Coomtox walked in to the room.

She was a strict teacher, with her black hair in a sever bun, and a constant scowl on her face. She could also never be seen without a ruler in her hand, and it was obvious to everyone, that had times been different that she would love nothing better than to smack a student with it.

Jennifer smiled at her friend, and then turned her attention to Ms. Coomtox, who was currently calling out student's names. "Jennifer Reeve?" she called out. "Here."

After attendence, Mrs. Coomtox walked to the door, and then motioned for someone to come in.

A young man clearly a gothic walked into the room. He had brown hair that reached to his ears, and a strand was constantly in his left eye. He had a black shirt on, with a black trench coat over it. His plants were all black, and his outfit was completed with black shoes, and black spiky braceletes adorned his arms.

Ms. Coomtox cast him a disgusted look, and said, "This is a new transfer student, from Germany. His name is Aaron Stienbecker, he came from Berlin, Germany. Can you please something about yourself?" she asked, but the look on her face said that she was clearly not the least interested in what he had to say.

Aaron groaned(though Jennifer was sure that she was the only one that heard). "Hallo. Mein Name ist Aaron. Ich bin von Berlin, Deutschland gekommen. Ich bin Achtzehn ihres alt."

Everyone was staring at Aaron as if he was crazy. "I said, Hello. My name is Aaron. I came from Berlin, Germany. I am Eighteen yours old." Everyone nodded, though there were blank looks on their faces still. Jennifer saw that she was the only one that was amused.

"what a freak!" a snobby girl next to her said. Aaron gave the girl the finger, and then calmly asked, "Where is my seat?" Ms. Coomtox looked quiet disgusted, but answered, "Right next to Ms. Reeve. Jennifer, please raise you hand." Jennifer complied, and raised her hand.

Aaron walked to the seat next to her, and promptly looked ahead. Feeling like she needed to talk to him, or she would die for want of it, she leaned over and whisperd to him, *"Hallo. Mein Name ist Jennifer. Ich bin nicht von Deutschland, aber ich nehme die Sprache." He looked at her like she was crazy and answered, *"Und? hinter ab Mädchen, ich nicht weiß Sie, noch will ich auch." Jennifer sat back quickly as if she had been slapped. Aaron's brown eyes were cool, and uncommitted, and so icy, it made her think of death.

Her cheecks flaming, Jennifer stood up, and promptly walked out of the classroom, with Braedon asking her what was wrong, but she refused to tell her.

As she sat in her Biology class, someone knocked on the door. Mr. Drow walked to it, and opened the door.

Of course, in walked Aaron.

'This is going to be one long day.' She thought to herself.

*Back to the future*

"Oh come on Jennifer! I wasn't that bad!" Aaron protested, drawing his girlfriend close to him.

"Yes you were Aaron! Can it! I'm trying to tell Mr. Brown the story!" and with that Jennifer turned back to her psychiatrist.

"Shall I continue?" she asked him.

"yes of course," he instantly answered.

"Well of course, his seat was next to mine, and things went from bad to worse, because Mr. Drow made Adam and Aaron my partners...."

End of Chapter: And So It All Begins

Next Chapter: I like Biology?! What Was I Thinking?!

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*Hello. My name is Jennifer. I'm not from Germany, but I take the language.* What Jennifer said to Aaron. *And? back off girl, I don't know you, nor do I want too.* What Aaron replied with.