Safe and innocent, lying alone
Seem to be lost in a dream
Dreaming about things unknown

Unknown things about a year ago
That wonderful Halloween
When the dead leaves would blow

When I found comfort and power
In the arms of a demon
Embrace me in evil for just an hour

Remembering the swinging swings
The cold harsh air
Feeling those unforgettable things

I yearn for his touch and his kiss
I would do anything
To regain the things I miss

The silence is the same
Its going as planned
Things start out tame

Then the creatures begin to appear
The sky starts raining blood
It seems Halloween is beginning here

Pushing away the window pane
Slowly climbing out
Into the falling rain

The vampires seduce my mind
Get me lost and vulnerable
Turn me into their kind

Paying no attention, continue walking
Used to the creature's threats
The black cat's stalking

Push right through to that place
Were you stood last Halloween
Start to search for that familiar face

My heart jumps when I see the eyes
Those eyes that make the blood rise
And your own tears start to rise

Arms reach out and hold me tight
Evil seeps through the mind
Penetrates into the night

I can feel myself slowly slipping away
Into a world of nothing
Feel all the good in me start to decay

This is what I want all along
To become one like him
To hear the same song

Hurts so much when he whispers goodbye
Eyes start to blur
All the happiness starts to die

Holding on with intolerable love
Eyes drowning in tears
Screaming at the rain falling above

So helpless as he starts to disappear
Tears well up at the thought
That this is going to be another long year