By:Andrew Troy Keller

My name is Simon Lancaster
And I'm the type of guy known as a master
Magician who had been performing on
The same cruise ships my family performed on
For many years--before I've met her.

Her name is Veronica Horn
Who had been an actress in porn
Movies for a couple of years,
Until she'd gotten out due to fear
Of forever being known as the queen of porn.

Suddenly,on Friday,October 31st,
I was in a restaurant enjoying a brantwerst
Platter,when I had suddenly discovered
Poor Veronica sitting with only her
Herself for company.To me,that really was the worst.

And so,after I had walked over and sat next to her,
I had smiled and said "Happy Halloween" to her.
After she had let out a giggle,she had looked at me
And said "Same to you,too".Just then,we
Were both able to see that we're meant to be together.

And then,after I've helped her get over her fear,
We had gotten married in Las Vegas a year
Later.After we had honeymooned in the City
Of Chicago,we had immediately
Opened a new act which had--so far--ran for three years.

For instead of being known as just a pair of rejects,
We had became the spectacular magic duo known as the Lancaster Project.
After our latest performance,Veronica had suddenly
Became sick.Just then,news from her doctor had made me so happy,
For there was soon about to be a new addition to the Lancaster Project.

Many months later,Veronica had given birth to our daughter
Named Morganna and we really do love her
Very much.And of course,even though we fill each other's lives with magic,
We both had made sure that nothing tragic
Would happen to our pericious little daughter.

It's now Friday,October 31st,2003--
And it's also time to see
If the Lancaster Project could still be able to make it
And remain being a hot ticket
With the power of three.