A/N: Yeah, another one of my collection that I decided to share. I wrote
this during my time fighting between my two religons; Wicca and
Christianity. Obviously, I was favoring the former at the time. Yeah, this
is one of my longer ones, somewhat proud of it, besides the actual content.
I hope you can at least try to picture this from my POV. Incase you didnt
notice, I wasn't happy with Him.

Dear God,
I know you don't have time for a person like me,
Who has forgotten you for years on end.
But there are a few questions
I've yearned to ask you,
And can't contain any longer.
They've been tearing me apart.
I don't expect an answer,
But I need to get them off my chest
Before they explode from me.

Why must all these children die?
Some are not even born
And they die for their parents faults.
Some lay starving in the streets
Crying for the mothers they don't have.
Clutching to their older siblings
Who are wailing the unison.

Why do drunken parents beat their broken children?
Intoxicated for meaningless purposes.
Bringing down their wrath on the child
Huddling fearfully in the corner?
Why don't they stop when blood tints the air?
Even after the child lays limp and shattered....

Why, God, do you let this happen?
Am I missing the big picture?
Why must they suffer by the hand of society
And recieve the gift after their deaths?
Did they have to die, huddled and bloody,
For you to notice them?

And so now, as you stare down
At the broken world
Do you shed a tear?
Is there guilt
For bathing these children with their own blood?
Or do you try to explain to them
That once they reach Heaven
They don't have to feel the pain again?

Dear God,
After all my questions
I have one thing to say to you.
You deserve angels
With bloody tears
And broken wings.