"Wear The Old Coat And Buy The New Book"
I'm on a sail boat,
Drifting slowly,
I lie down as I read my book,
I drift in and out of sleepless,
Naps that confuse me and my half,
Of the empty open lighthouse,
I don't know where to go sometimes,
I find myself drifting slowly,
In a sail boat finding myself,
Thinking out loud on a sail boat,
Drifting slowly I read my books,
In my think tank in a bright black,
Backdrop dropping rain drops onto,
My fair forehead I can't help but,
Think to myself how I care so,
Much about you I love your name,
So right and so wonderfully true,
You just don't seem to know lately,
How much I truly care for you,
And your name and the weight it carries,
Just like I'm carried in these ferries,
Across the water reading my books,
Drifting slowly in and out of,
Sleepless naps and abstract waves of,
Metaphorical metamorphosis,
And I think to myself, 'man what is this?',
How can I be so lucky to know this,
Girl I know oh how I know her,
But I don't know her as much as I know,
These books right on my lap,
As the rain drops onto my fair forehead,
The rain drops and the rain drops,
Missing pages four and five and,
I think out loud sometimes how much,
I really love you and you make me,
Feel so alive on the inside unlike,
Any other thing in this world.

Even more than my sail boat,
Even more than my sail boat,
Even more than my sail boat,
Even more than my God damn fuckin' sail boat,
That I never ever even had.