Alex Simon
October 20, 2003
Dr. James
Ass. (haha) 2
250 word Microfiction

"Down and Distance"


"There's less than fifteen seconds left in the quarter, and they're at their own 25. All of their playoff hopes rest on Tad MacKenzie, and his arm..."


I walk into the bar, and I look for him, but I don't see him right off.

Our defensive end is doing body shots with a waitress, and then I look past him to Derek.

He's sitting at the bar, an arm resting on the black lacquer counter top, engaged in conversation.

I decide to make my move.


" A Hail Mary! With just eleven seconds left in the fourth quarter - He's going for it!"


"Hey, Derek." I step up next to Derek and our backup wide-receiver, nicknamed Butterfingers on account of his propensity for dropping the ball. "Hey Butterfingers."

"What's up? he drawls.

"I need to talk to D-Train for a sec."

"Ok, no prob. See ya later." Butterfingers ambles off, and I take a seat at the bar.

"Yeah, Tad, Derek asks, sipping his Bloody Mary.

I tap my foot in a nervous rhythm. "Just thinkin'..."

Derek flashes his pearly whites. "You know it's a bad thing when guys like us think, T-Mac."

I pretend to be mad. "I was thinking... I was wondering if youyou'd like to"

Derek tilts his head again. "Ok."

"You don't even know what I'm going to say," I laugh.

"I do, and my answer's yes."


"He caught it! I don't believe it! They won the game! They're going to the playoffs! Touchdown, Derek Taylor!"