Go Rot in Hell

By Crystal Snowflakes

I hate being neglected in life,

I hate all this useless bullshit,

That people has put me through.

But then again,

There's nothing I can do.
Fate has decided this road for me,

This road filled with loneliness,

Dread and pain.

As reality sets in once again,

I felt my chest constrict with pain.

Pain I have felt,

But have forgotten.

Pain that seems more painful,

Every passing time.

As I push the pain down,

I know once again,

It's not possible.

As it spreads through my body,

Like a fire in dry woods,

I feel depression setting over,

Sadness seeping through my blood,

Washing every happy thoughts away.

As the pain diminishes,

I think that it will not hurt,

If I build a wall around myself.

Yet every time my wall breaks,

It just seems more painful.

Yet no one sees my pain,

No one notices my pain,

Or was it that no one cares?

I do not know,

Yet I tell you now,

That my pain is diminishing.

In a few days,

Perhaps weeks or months,

The pain will reappear,

Just to haunt my existence.

I hate this dreadful feeling,

Of pain and loneliness,

Of emptiness in my heart.

I hate all the assholes,

Who've put me through this.

Go rot in hell,

You frigging bastards.

Go rot in hell.

Author's Notes: Once again, a free verse.  Hope you like it...  I'm feeling quite like my poem right now...*sighs*