Why do you think I would leave you believing

Something that was so untrue, it upsetting?

Waxing and waning just like the moon's grieving

But why should anything leave you regretting?

I stand at this balcony, dazed, my mind lost

You, like my Romeo, seduce me lyrically

A spell that is weaved by the dew and the frost

So enchanting, it swallows me deep and mystically

But lust turns to love, and then devoured by hate

And then we are done for, our wonderland dies

I have to avoid what I cannot negate

Even if it brings tears to my soulless, empty eyes

She was queen, just as I was, majestic and true

Commanding a love from you that she returned wholly

Of your strong will and pureness was what she knew

And devoured your life, your essence, your soul

Returning to you only darkness and no belief

But you are bound to her eternally by blood and by love

Of your heart and devotion, she was a thief

And you were to be the broken winged dove

Along came a mentor, becoming and strong

He taught you our ways in silent applause and approval

It was a brief time that he helped you along

And then he was gone, by the queen's harsh removal.

Love has no bearings, that's what you've always believed

But she had proved you dramatically wrong

And when she left you seemed silently pleased

The dove had regained it's voice and it's song

To sing for me now, as you serenade me with compassion

Trying to break down my fortresses and strongholds

No one has ever gazed upon me in this fashion

But I am forced to be strong, and my love, I withhold

From running to you, the god that is mine

Your gorgeous pale skin and bright emerald eyes

And I become twisted in this story, this vine

That encompasses everything until the heart dies

For I have become so sick with this satisfaction

A tarnished trophy that arrives cracked

And everything around us proves fatal distraction

Leaving you helpless, my mind hopelessly racked

For now I will jump from this display of pure grace

Agonized and contorted as I hit the damp earth

Don't cry for me as you look at my cold, dying face

With my death comes a brand new birth

But you give me the gift, you know you must now

A love eternal is of what we now crave

Carve me a flower, try and you'll learn how

And when I'm gone, place it on my heavenly grave