Title: Envelope of Purity
Author: Heather P.

Blank papers shine like stars and fill the hall,
And in darkness winter falls,
Tumbling softly on kitten paws,
Into ages with countless measures.

A pen drop equals the pinnacle of time,
When it drips further and fills the rhymes,
Of children who spend days ripping up happiness and toys,
With paint peelings and joy.

Wood splinters into shattered memories,
As the curve of my arm and waist doth change,
When winter comes trapping my shining hall away,
Within my throat my prayers are hard and lifeless as dolls and fall slowly.

Up into a sky of ceilings,
Where once a white and pure surface,
There appear blotches of gray and yellow with age,
With a single stain marring its blank way where stars sit,
It being this virgin blood of mine.

Now smears and gashes bruise and break,
A fairytale in which I no longer feel safe,
What a terrible waste.