Absolute Knowledge is what we search for,
our human minds make us want more,
a constant hunt for information to which we are doomed,
along with social skills our knowledge has bloomed.

Seek, sort, and store,
in the pool of kwe must fill more,
the ignorant are deemed poor,
the wealthy simply want more.

I am not here to gather,
to give my purpose is rather;
to teach and not to learn,
to build and not to burn.

I am soley an instrument of fate,
so towards me do not direct your hate,
this I just shal state,
it's all pre determined down to the date.

So learn your lessons lost,
don't mind what it will cost,
the coin has now been tossed,
the moment it lands you will no longer be lost.

So have some fun,
and love someone,
because when this is done,
away you will no longer run...