Love/ Infatuation

~He's become your infatuation
Your sole obsession
A true fascination
I'll have to teach you a lesson

-We are in love
Don't tell us were not
We love each other
A whole lot

~You think you're in love
I'll show you your not
He has become
Your weak spot

-Our love is not weak
Our love is unique
But you attitude
Needs a tweak

~If you think you're unique,
You future WILL be bleak
He won't be the first
For now, he's just what you thirst
Trust me
Don't jump into this headfirst

-Damn Strait
Our love is unrehearsed
If you think
He's what I thirst
I'd get a drink
You're hating on me
I think

Not a thirst?
You're a fool in love
You love a fool
If you don't get a life
You'll become
His trophy wife

-I'll be his wife
A trophy in his
Window of life
Our love will win
I will stick to my man
Like a second skin

~You think you've won
Hn. You'll learn
He'll drop you like a ton
Class over
Lesson done

Love it, hate it, like it, loathe it. Tell me what you think. Please