Flustered words
Why must you be so arrogant?
You really did it this time
I tried to be nice to you
To explain why this is
But you had to bring up flames
I am so frustrated right now
My mind is a blunder
I thought we could be friends
Who knows, maybe re-bring up the relationship
But those thoughts are gone now
For I am happy with who I have.
How dare you do that to me?!
The ONE thing that sets me off
Did you do that on purpose?
Cuz that was the last straw with me
I was willing to be patient
But fuck it. It is over now
If I never talk to you again,
I'd be ok with that
You no longer have control with me
Maybe that's why you reacted in such a way
I have moved on one bit at a time
Not totally wanting to cross that rope
But you have pushed me to the end of that line
You lost me now, and I'm ok with that
I'm still flustered, but I'm really ok with that