No matter how you stare at my face, I shall not go back wards,
No matter how much you beg, I shant slow down,
No matter how much you whine that you have aged,
I shall not retreat into my shadows,
No matter how many cobwebs grow on my surface,
I do not complain of time,
For time brings wisdom that life cannot,
And through wisdom must come death,
I count the seconds, minutes, and hours until u pass away into abyss,
It is not me; I await a new owner,
I await for your death, for a fresher person, then I shall count them down,
They shall stare at me with that blank expression, until I turn them crazy
like I did you,
I stand here, ever watching never moving, just the steady tick tock and
ring, the swing of the pendulum,
I count down your death.