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But Still, I Liked Her

I felt like I was in the first grade. I liked Kay-a lot-but I didn't want people to know, so I fought with her constantly. I fought with her over the stupidest things, things that were so trivial even I wanted to roll my eyes. The fight had been like a snowball; it started off small, but as time went on it got bigger and bigger, so big that it couldn't be stopped anymore. Actually, maybe I shouldn't have said "couldn't be stopped." It's more like it could be stopped; it would just take some courage.

No matter how hard it could be, I was tired of the fighting and was determined to end it. When she stormed out of the room after I accidentally placed my hand on her thigh, I knew it was my chance. It would be the only time I would be able to get her alone. Was I nervous? Hell yeah I was nervous, so nervous in fact that my knees were shaking.

I had never seen a girl so angry. (Well, maybe my mother once or twice, but I don't count her as a girl. She's, well, she's just my mother.) If I went by my experience with Kay, I would definitely say the myth about red heads having a bad temper is true. She was so angry she didn't even notice me following her. Her fists were clenched, her hair swinging, and she was muttering under her breath, but I couldn't help thinking how cute she looked. The only thing that stopped me from smiling was knowing I had caused her anger.

She swung open a door to a room down the hallway, but I wasn't sure what room it was until right before she slammed the door shut. I froze in my tracks. I had seen butterflies and Jen had told me all about the room with butterflies and its inhabitant. So I knew that butterflies could only mean one thing; she had stalked into her bedroom.

This put an entirely new spin on things. Yeah, I wanted to talk to her, but in her bedroom? I wasn't so sure about that. Now, not only were my knees shaking, but my stomach was beginning to turn. I didn't know Kay exceptionally well, but I did know she wouldn't have appreciated me waltzing into her room. So, I did the only thing I could do, wait.

I sat down against the wall near her door, trying to come up with a plan. I sat for God knows how long before I gave up. How could I try to plan a conversation with a girl that was so unpredictable? The answer; I couldn't. I nearly whimpered at the idea of having to come up with something to say on the spot. Yeah, it would mean more if it was unrehearsed, but, as they say; hell hath no wrath like a woman scorned.

I found myself wishing that I could ask Josh for advice. He may never admit it, but he always had been a lady's man before he had met Jen. All the girls used to fall over him and he had no problem talking to them. (The only girl he ever struggled with was Jen, but that all worked out in the end, for a little bit at least.) Unfortunately though, I couldn't ask Josh for some advice, and let me tell you, it was weird as hell to realize that. Josh had been my best buddy since the fourth grade and he had always been there for me, but suddenly, he was gone. It makes you feel a little lost when you can't turn to your best friend whenever you need to.

But I'm getting off topic. I think I sat outside of Kay's bedroom for about an hour before she finally opened the door. She seemed to have calmed down a bit; her face was no longer red. I scrambled to my feet and I think scared her a little bit because she jumped.

"What are you doing?" she asked. Then she narrowed her eyes, "Are you freakin' stalking me?"

"Don't think you're so special," I said before I could stop myself. It was just too easy to fight with her. Easy and...in a weird way, fun. I liked knowing I could get to her the way I could. It was hard not to smile when I caused her to become so angry that her face turned red and her eyes burned. It was kind of exciting to realize I had such a large impact.

"Do yourself a favor and just go away," she warned. She then added as a precautionary, "I'm not afraid to hit you."

"I'm shaking in my boots," I replied sarcastically. Color rose up on her ivory skin and her eyes began to glow, but I liked it. Shaking my head clear of all sarcastic remarks, I said, "Look, I didn't wait out here for an hour just to fight with you some more."

"I honestly don't care why you followed me. Just go away." I clenched my teeth to fight back a comment. God, she could be so annoying at times.

"Will you just listen-"

"Did you not hear me? I said to go away. This is my house so you have to be respectful of my wishes." Did I mention that she was sometimes VERY spoiled?

She tried to walk by me, but I stepped in her path. "Just hear me out."

Kay once again stepped to the side, but I followed. We went back and forth like that for several moments before she crossed her arms. "Fine. You have one minute."

"Come on Kay," I said.

"54 seconds," she counted down. I couldn't believe she was actually counting down the seconds.

I sighed and pulled myself together. "Fine. I just wanted to apologize for being a bit of an ass-"

"A bit?" she interjected. "Try a full blown ass. I did nothing that constituted you treating me the way you do." Yeah, she's also a bit self righteous, but I didn't have time to argue with her over it. My time was ticking away.

"Whatever. I'm sorry for offending you in any way. I really didn't mean to. I was wrong in judging Ryan. He's actually a pretty cool guy and if I had known him better before I had said those things about him, I wouldn't have said them. I'm not exactly sure what else we argued over, but I'm taking my part of the blame for the fights. If I did anything wrong, then I'm sorry."

"If? If you did anything wrong? Are you trying to tell me that I did something wrong? I didn't do anything wrong. I was the innocent in all of this." At that moment, she was just being extremely self righteous.

"Nothing?" I gasped. "How could you say nothing?"

"Easily," she said with a smug smile. "No-thing." Sarcasm is another big part of her personality.

"Ha! Ha! Very funny. Just excuse me for forgetting to laugh properly." I could be just as sarcastic as she was. I realized we were just starting another fight, so I breathed slowly for a few seconds, trying to calm down. "I'm willing to take part of the blame, but not all of it. We were both at fault for all the fighting and I just wanted to apologize." She didn't say anything at first, so I then asked, "Do you accept my apology? Or do I need to beg?"

"Begging is always a sure way to get forgiveness." I wasn't sure if Kay was being serious or not, so I raised an eyebrow. She sighed. "Fine, I accept you apology. But I still have a few things to say to you if you don't mind."

"You would still say whatever it is you want to, even if I did mind," I acknowledged, receiving a wry smile from her.

"I haven't known you for very long, but there's a few things about yourself that I think you should know." I sighed, knowing what she was about to say wouldn't be complimentary. "First off, may I just say that you can be one of the most pig-headed guys I have ever known. You can be so cocky at times that it's unnerving. Secondly, you seem to think that everyone is the world just has to like you. Guess what, they don't and I bet you that there are several people who don't. And don't even get me started on-"

She was still talking, but I could no longer hear her. I was trying to figure out why exactly I liked her even when she was talking so poorly about me. Hell, I had never heard anyone say some of the things about me that she was saying. But as I watched her waving her arms about and getting so worked up in her speech about what was wrong with me, I could see exactly why I liked her.

For starters, she was beautiful. Her mane of thick red hair was just so enticing, especially when she tossed it casually to one side of her head. I liked the way her soft skin would become red from either embarrassment or anger. The way her eyes lit up when she was especially passionate about something (even if it was over a speech about my problems) was endearing. Most of all, I liked the way just her presence was so electrifying. I could tell she was in a room even before I heard or saw her.

That's when I did it. I shut her up-by *kissing* her. As I suddenly stepped forward and put my palms around her face to pull her towards me, my brain was seriously screaming at me, telling me that I was an idiot, but I didn't stop. I knew that if I did stop, I would never screw up the courage to kiss her again. Even before she pulled away I knew what was coming.


She smacked me right across the face. She moved her right hand so quickly I didn't have any time to protect myself. We both stood there for a moment, perfectly still. I think she was as stunned by the slap as I was. I slowly raised my left hand to rub my cheek. I wasn't sure which stung more; the cheek which she had struck or the fact that she *had* slapped me.

Then, just as sudden as the slap had been, she wrapped her right arm around my neck and pulled my face towards her. For a split second we were both just staring at each other, but then we both slowly slid our eyes shut as our lips met. My arms fell comfortably around her waist, as though we had done this several times already. The kiss was long, but it was definitely special.

As we pulled away, my hands moved to cup her face and brush her hair, which was as soft as I had imagined it would be, away from her face. "What just happened?" I asked.

Kay smiled sheepishly, but wouldn't look me in the eyes. "I think I better go back to Jen's room. If we stay away for too long, they might think something happened."

Something did happen, I thought to myself, but instead said, "Yeah. I think I'm going to go home. It's getting kind of late." It wasn't really that late. I just couldn't see myself sitting in the same room with Kay and watching Disney movies after what had just happened.

We stood awkwardly with each other for a few moments, the way a couple often does at the end of a first date, not knowing exactly what to do. Finally Kay said good-bye to me in a voice just barely above a whisper, before walking down the hallway towards Jen's room.

I watched her walk away. Yes, she could be annoying, spoiled, self righteous, and downright rude at times.

But still, I liked her.

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