A Forced Affair
© Copyright 2003 - Recherché Inamorato Productions

You forced your soul into the scars on my body which you left behind,
And with these chains, I rearrange your presence, spirit, and your mind.
Sweat and blood seeps through my skin and makes me feel alive again,
But my fate, it came too late, and now my life again must end.

You're just like me, I'm just like you,
A lifeless soul that took her toll on everybody that she knew.
I feel complete when the knife's in deep,
As the enemy falls to the earth,
What we have become, our souls are one,
As our dangers undergo rebirth.

I'm stained by tears that kill my fears,
As we anticipate a death that nears.
Somehow confused, you've been mis-used,
You heal the scarred and comfort the bruised.
Endure the pain, caught in the rain,
With what you lose I do not gain.
I speak no lies, I hear your cries,
Cut loose these God forsaken ties;
No last goodbyes, kill off the wise,
Another piece just rots and dies.

Souless, we are demons. We are devoured by what we cannot hide from.
Mere shadows haunt us. Our lips embrace in one last kiss.
A carress that I will remember for all eternity.
We are falling. Falling.

Blood-filled chambers close us in,
Life is throbbing under my skin.
Covered in red, drown the dead,
Fuck beliefs and what everyone said.
Blot out the sun, we've become no one,
Take the bullets from the gun.
You are my breath, you'll be my death,
I wish with all that I have left.
The chains that bind us are heavy and hot,
Strapped to this cross, I believe in you not.

You put me here, you gave me life,
Filled me with fear, you left your knife.
Complete is how I want to feel,
I'd rather do this myself than let you steal.
Pray to your God, get down and kneel,
You have yet to know how I feel.
The beat is pounding, making me scream,
A parallel, I'm caught in between.
I gave up everything for you,
Even when I knew I didn't have to.

The price they payed was a high one,
I made them give up their existence.

Are you satisfied that I'm just like you?
Content with what you asked me to do?
The real enemy has yet to be brought to justice,
But until then I guess it's just us.