By:Andrew Troy Keller

Sometime in the year 2991,many human beings had decided to give space colonization a try.

And in order to do so,they had gone up in space shuttles up to a massive starship known as the USS Goliath.

Once aboard,the ship's company and crew had set course for the star system that is close to ours.

And as soon as the ship has started to leave our solar system,the people aboard the ship had looked at their homeworld for the last time,because they were on their way to a planet which they hoped would support human life.

A couple of days later,after the ship had made it to the edge of our galaxy and was about to crossover into another section of space,one of the ship's commanders,Major Jennifer Hershey had walked over to one of the crewmen,Ensign Arnold Morgan,tapped him on the shoulder and said,"Mister Morgan,I wish to see you in my quarters,because I want to go over your performance review with you."

"Yes,Ma'am.",said Arnold,before he followed Jennifer to her quarters.

Once they had entered the room,Arnold had placed Jennifer against a wall and the both of them had kissed each other ever so passionately on the lips.

After the kiss,Arnold had looked at Jennifer and asked,"So,Major.What do you think of my review so far?"

"Well,Ensign.",answered Jennifer,after she had wrapped her arms around Arnold."How about we go into the bedroom and examine it further?"

And with that,after they had walked into the bedroom,removed all of their clothes and placed their nude bodies on the bed,the two lovers had started making mad,passionate love to each other,while the ship was about to goinside a nebula cloud.

As soon as the ship had entered the cloud and after they were through having wonderous sex together,Jennifer had placed her head on Arnold's chest,took a deep breath and said,"I feel sorry for the other female commanders,because they weren't lucky enough to find someone as special as you are."

"Sometimes you can't win,Jen.",said Arnold,while he was running his gentle fingers through her hair."Sometimes you can't win."

Just then,after the lovers had fallen asleep in each other's naked arms,some mysterious glowing object was slowly moving towards the ship.

After the object had finally stopped in front of the USS Goliath and launched a probe,the ship had mistaken it for a missile attack and has been on Red Alert.

But even though the ship was in battle ready status,the pod was still able to breach the hull and remove Arnold and Jennifer from the ship.

And then,while the Goliath's crew were trying to figure out where the object had came from,the pod had reentered the object--and then,the object had zoomed away from the Goliath.

Sometime later,after she had finally opened her eyes,Jennifer was shocked to notice that she was no longer in her quarters aboard the USS Goliath,for instead,she had discovered that she had woken up in a beautifully decorated room that should be placed in a certain Las Vegas hotel known as Ceaser's Palace.

"Arnold,are you in here?",asked Jennifer,after she had noticed that she was the only one in the room."Arnold,where are you?"

Then suddenly,after a door had opened,a beautiful maiden had entered the room with a silk gown in her arms.

"Greetings,M'Lady.I trust that you've slept well.",said the maiden,after she had placed the gown on the bed next to Jennifer."As for our Lord,he is being fitted for his coronation."

"Coronation?",asked a confused Jennifer."What do you mean by coronation?"

"Why the coronation to place our Lord back on his throne,of course.",answered the maiden,while she was helping Jennifer get into the silk gown.

Sometime later,after Jennifer has been escourted into a large attendance hall,her eyes had grown wide at the sight of the number of people who had arrived for the coronation.


And then,after a pair of maidens had led Jennifer up to the stage,the cardinal had opened a box and took a pair of rings out of the box.

"Let those who serve you well know you as Lady Jenni.",said the cardinal,after he had placed one of the rings on Jennifer's wrist.

And then,after he had turned towards Arnold and placed the second ring on his wrist,the cardinal said,"Let those who serve you well know you as Lord Arno."

Then,after the roof dome had opened and the light of the sun had shined down on the newfound royal couple,the cardinal had raised turned towards the crowd,raised his arms and said,"AND NOW,MY CHILDREN!ON WITH THE CELEBRATION!"

And then,while everyone else were enjoying the festivities,a confused Jennifer had turned towards Arnold and asked,"Arnold,I don't understand any of this.What should we do?"

"I don't know,Jen.But I know this much.",answered Arnold,after he had placed a gentle hand on top of Jennifer's."Since these people are still convinced that we're royality,we might as well go along with the gag."

And that was exactly what they had done for quite some time.

And fortuntely for both Arnold and Jennifer,some of the members of the Space Guild had decided to help them ease their way through the whole thing.

As a matter of fact,they were also able to help Jennifer give birth to her and Arnold's son,David,who has been considered by the Space Guild as the one who is next in line to the throne.

"This little guy is really cute.Isn't he,Mommie?",asked a smiling Arnold,after he had placed a gentle hand on his son's head.

"He sure is.",answered Jennifer,after she had taken a deep breath."I just wish that we should be able to let the USS Goliath know that we're okay,so that we could share in the joy of having given birth to our son."

"And so you shall,M'Lady.",said one of the hand maidens,after she had entered the room.

After they had heard that,a curious Arnold had looked at the maiden and asked,"How do you figure that,Karla?"

The answer to that question had came soon enough,for after they had been escourted into the chamber of Baldacor,the Space Guild's very own technowizard,he had approached the royal couple and said,"Greetings,M'Lord and M'Lady.It is a pleasure to welcome you into my chamber."

"The pleasure is all ours,Baldacor.",said a smiling Jennifer."Anyway,we were told by one of our handmaidens that you the ability to communicate with space vessels that are far away from this star system."

"Well,yes.Indeed I do,M'Lady.",said Baldacor,before he had walked over to one of his many fantastic devices."And if you wish me to do so,I shall make contact with the starship that you came from."

"Yes,Baldacor.We want you to do so.",said a happy Jennifer."Please do make contact with the USS Goliath."

Meanwhile,about a few star systems away,the USS Goliath was still looking for a planet that right for human colonization.

Then suddenly,a small glowing orb had appeared on the ship's bridge and grew to the size of a video screen.

And then,an image of both Arnold and Jennifer had appeared on the screen.

"Hi,Everybody.Arnold and I are okay.",said Jennifer,before picking up her son and holding him in her arms."And as you could guess,this is our son,David."

"That's right,people.He's our son.",said Arnold,after he had gave his son a gentle kiss on his head."You see,it wasn't a missle that had been launched out of the object.It was a probe,which had been sent over to the ship to retrieve me and Jennifer,for they've figured us to be the royal rulers of a planetwide group of people known as the Space Guild."

"And of course,we now know what you're about to ask.",said Jennifer,after she had took a deep breath."Well,Arnold and I had thought about it and we've decided that since everyone here has been nice and helpful to us so far,we should stay right where we are and live the rest of our lives in peace."

"We do hope that you find a new home for yourselves,USS Goliath.",said Arnold,after he had placed his gentle hands on Jennifer's shoulders."Goodbye."

And after the image had disappeared from the screen,it had shrunk back down to the size of the orb and zoomed its way off the ship and back to its point of origin.

And that's how it happened,for the starship known as the USS Goliath had continued on its way in search of a planet which would hopefully be capable of sustaining human life.

As for the two former members of the Goliath's crew,Arnold Morgan and Jennifer Hershey,they're still living their remaining years in peace with their son,David as the family known as the Rulers of the Space Guild.