Okay, for people who won't understand what goes on in my weird, psychotic
life, the regular (with no parenthesis) is a girl talking (she's gone
insanse), the stuff with parenthesis around it is her thinking, and the *(
)* is someone else talking - I haven't decided who yet.
I dreamed of you last night
(Does that disturb you?)
We made love
(I know you like it like that)
At a party
(How? Why? I dunno)
People were in a fight
(I don't know why)
An angel hovered above
(Above the fight I mean)
He got hit and died
(Because he wasn't the smartest angel around, hanging around a fight and
And we laughed
(Cuz we're crazed insane people)
But then I looked around
And realized it wasn't real
(It had been real once - in the past)
And I saw everything in slow motion
As one man pulled out a gun
(And pointed it at me)
And a bullet shot out
(But you ran in front of me)
You're Stupid! STUPID!
How could you.
*(Remember when I said I'd never leave?)*