Sigh..ok guys. Any of you that have this story faved, I felt the need to pass this on to you. Yes I realize I haven't updated in like, 3 months. And sorry if I excited you and made you think just now that this was going to be a new chapter. It's not, and the truth is, this story is probably over. At least this version of it anyway. I've been playing around with the idea in my head for awhile now, and as happens to me quite often, a dream I had kind of gave me some new ideas. I don't really like the whole background of this story and I have an idea that has been circulating in my head for some better background. So I think I'm gonna make a new world for Antonius. This just isn't workin for me. I'm sorry if any of you are mortally disappointed. If so, and you all review threatening to come stab me in my sleep, I guess I could continue it if you want. But only if there is a following for it, as I personally don't care anymore to see it go on when I have better ideas for the characters. I mean, I like the idea of Matt, the boyfriend, and what might happen if he gets involved and tries to "save" Alex from the world of the vamps and all that. And I like Laurent, although I'm not crazy about his I'd like to still tie some of the same people into this other story and tweak the background a bit...but whatever. We'll see what happens. And when I finally get it in type, please read the new story. Not sure what I'll call it yet. Haven't actually started writing it, but since I finally got my fingers back on the keys, I'm ready to write. So yeah, that's about the long and short of it. Thanks all for reading. Jesus loves ya. Take care, love your mom, especially tomorrow. Ok, chat at ya later.

3 Laura